Rodriguez Vazquez, Silvia

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Is Web-Based Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Software Usable for Blind Translators? 2018 42 2
Developing a New Swiss Research Centre for Barrier-Free Communication 2018 80 28
Educación para la accesibilidad en localización web: El proyecto ALMA 2018 32 8
Bringing Accessibility into the Multilingual Web Production Chain: Perceptions from the Localization Industry 2017 149 0
Traducción, localización y accesibilidad web: cuando una imagen no vale más que mil palabras 2017 115 0
Web Accessibility Compliance in Localisation: The Missing Link for an Optimal End User Experience 2017 117 48
Entering assistive technology into the translator-computer interaction equation: Where are we and where should we go? 2017 81 0
A comparison of different approaches for editing health-related information: an author's satisfaction perspective 2017 82 16
Usability of web-based MT post-editing environments for screen reader users 2017 161 93
New insights into translation-oriented, technology-intensive localiser education: accessibility as an opportunity 2016 148 6
On the Lookout for Accessible Translation Aids: Current Scenario and New Horizons for Blind Translation Students and Professionals 2016 190 173
A HCI-driven approach to web localisation for a more accessible multilingual Web 2016 179 7
How to successfully localise images on the Web for the blind? 2016 144 0
Unveiling accessibility challenges in the use of translation technologies: implications for teaching visually-impaired translation trainees 2016 280 0
Why should web accessibility best practices be taught in the localisation classroom? Insights from an empirical study 2016 194 0
Assuring accessibility during web localisation: an empirical investigation on the achievement of appropriate text alternatives for images 2016 1538 180
Measuring the Impact of Automated Evaluation Tools on Alternative Text Quality: a Web Translation Study 2016 264 107
Improving Image Accessibility in the Web Using Acrolinx 2015 200 0
Making localised Web content accessible: A collaborative task between the developer and the localiser 2015 194 0
Unlocking the Potential of Web Localizers as Contributors to Image Accessibility: What Do Evaluation Tools Have to Offer? 2015 301 816
Acrolinx: a Controlled-Language Checker Turned into an Accessibility Evaluation Tool for Image Text Alternatives 2015 352 113
Exploring Current Accessibility Challenges in the Multilingual Web for Visually-Impaired Users 2015 534 152
A controlled language-based evaluation approach to ensure image accessibility during web localisation 2015 233 0
Teaching XLIFF to translators and localisers 2014 341 0
Applying Accessibility-Oriented Controlled Language (CL) Rules to Improve Appropriateness of Text Alternatives for Images: an Exploratory Study 2014 464 255
Introducing Web Accessibility to Localization Students: Implications for a Universal Web 2014 261 118
Fostering accessibility through web localization 2014 400 10
La formación de localizadores en los estudios de traducción: un enfoque comunicativo, objetual y social 2014 418 0
Traducción y accesibilización de discurso público en formato web 2013 257 0
Comparing forum data post-editing performance using translation memory and machine translation output: a pilot study 2013 429 257
Wordbee Translator 2013 298 0
Towards Defining the Role of Localisation Professionals in the Achievement of Multilingual Web Accessibility 2013 515 176
Localizing accessibility of text alternatives for visual content in multilingual websites 2013 318 164
Web accessibility training as an added-value for future localisation professionals 2013 334 0
Accessible images for all? The importance of image contextualisation during the localisation process 2013 260 0
Multilingual Website Assessment for Accessibility: a Survey on Current Practices 2013 744 243
Making Web Localisation Accessible between Communities 2012 275 132
A Communicative Approach to Evaluate Web Accessibility Localisation Using a Controlled Language Checker: the Case of Text Alternatives for Images 2012 264 541
La localización web como traducción intercomunitaria: accesibilidad, lenguaje y sociedad 2011 277 0
Enabling Digital Inclusion through Controlled Content Simplification 2011 251 0
La localización al servicio de un cambio sostenible 2011 293 339
Making digital content accessible: a collaborative task between the web developer and the localiser 2011 388 0
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