Chiaradia, Massimo

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Geochemistry and isotope composition (Sr, Pb, δ66Zn) of Vulcano fumaroles (Aeolian Islands, Italy) 2018 16 0
Insights into the petrogenesis of low- and high-Ti basalts: Stratigraphy and geochemistry of four lava sequences from the central Paraná basin 2018 21 0
Early Late Permian coupled carbon and strontium isotope chemostratigraphy from South China: Extended Emeishan volcanism? 2018 53 0
Origin and age of carbonate clasts from the Lusi eruption, Java, Indonesia 2018 56 1
Magmatic sulphides in Quaternary Ecuadorian arc magmas 2018 99 2
The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP): A Review 2018 329 0
Petrogenesis of the Rio Blanco epithermal Au-Ag mineralization in the Cordillera Occidental of southwestern Ecuador: Assessment from host rocks petrochemistry and ore constituents isotopic (O, S, H, and Pb) compositions 2018 11 0
Evidence for Residual Melt Extraction in the Takidani Pluton, Central Japan 2017 66 1
30 Myr of Cenozoic magmatism along the Tethyan margin during Arabia–Eurasia accretionary orogenesis (Meghri–Ordubad pluton, southernmost Lesser Caucasus) 2017 80 3
Geochemical, mineralogical and Re-Os isotopic constraints on the origin of Tethyan oceanic mantle and crustal rocks from the Central Pontides, northern Turkey 2017 86 2
Sulfide minerals in hydrothermal deposits 2017 272 9
Ophiolitic Remnants from the Upper and Intermediate Structural Unit of the Attic-Cycladic Crystalline Belt (Aegean, Greece): Fingerprinting Geochemical Affinities of Magmatic Precursors 2017 86 42
Stochastic modelling of deep magmatic controls on porphyry copper deposit endowment 2017 151 48
Monitoring steel bridge renovation using lead isotopic tracing 2017 112 0
Amphibole and apatite insights into the evolution and mass balance of Cl and S in magmas associated with porphyry copper deposits 2017 86 24
New insights into petrogenesis of Miocene magmatism associated with porphyry copper deposits of the Andean Pampean flat slab, Argentina 2017 51 22
Post-collisional magmatism and ore-forming systems in the Menderes massif: new constraints from the Miocene porphyry Mo–Cu Pınarbaşı system, Gediz–Kütahya, western Turkey 2017 294 10
Insights into the genesis of the epithermal Au-Ag mineralization at Rio Blanco in the Cordillera Occidental of southwestern Ecuador: Constraints from U-Pb and Ar/Ar geochronology 2017 56 0
Polyphase vein mineralization in the Fennoscandian Shield at Åkerlandet, Järvsand, and Laisvall along the erosional front of the Caledonian orogen, Sweden 2017 136 3
Mt Bambouto Volcano, Cameroon Line: Mantle Source and Differentiation of Within-plate Alkaline Rocks 2017 73 1
Primary Magmas in Continental Arcs and their Differentiated Products: Petrology of a Post-plutonic Dyke Suite in the Tertiary Adamello Batholith (Alps) 2016 220 4
Fluid mixing in orogenic gold deposits: Evidence from the H-O-Sr isotope composition of the Val-d'Or vein field (Abitibi, Canada) 2016 146 17
Quantification of tsunami-induced flows on a Mediterranean carbonate ramp reveals catastrophic evolution 2016 192 4
Characterization of Triassic Rifting in Peru and implications for the early disassembly of western Pangaea 2016 214 2
Jurassic metabasic rocks in the Kızılırmak accretionary complex (Kargı region, Central Pontides, Northern Turkey) 2016 205 2
Cretaceous Subduction-Related Magmatism and Associated Porphyry-Type Cu-Mo Prospects in the Eastern Pontides, Turkey : New Constraints from Geochronology and Geochemistry 2016 225 6
Impact on the environment from steel bridge paint deterioration using lead isotopic tracing, paint compositions and soil deconstruction 2016 174 0
The calc–alkaline and adakitic volcanism of the Sabzevar structural zone (NE Iran): implications for the Eocene magmatic flare–up in Central Iran 2016 180 1
A refined genetic model for the Laisvall and Vassbo Mississippi Valley-type sandstone-hosted deposits, Sweden: constraints from paragenetic studies, organic geochemistry, and S, C, N, and Sr isotope data 2016 315 9
Petrogenesis of Quebrada de la Mina and Altar North porphyries (Cordillera of San Juan, Argentina): Crustal assimilation and metallogenic implications 2016 55 0
Palaeozoic to Early Jurassic history of the northwestern corner of Gondwana, and implications for the evolution of the Iapetus, Rheic and Pacific Oceans 2016 311 1
Gradual changes in upwelled seawater conditions (redox, pH) from the late Cretaceous through early Paleogene at the northwest coast of Africa: Negative Ce anomaly trend recorded in fossil bio-apatite 2016 114 2
Long-lived, stationary magmatism and pulsed porphyry systems during Tethyan subduction to post-collision evolution in the southernmost Lesser Caucasus, Armenia and Nakhitchevan 2016 241 3
Spatio-temporal Geochemical Evolution of the SE Australian Upper Mantle Deciphered from the Sr, Nd and Pb Isotope Compositions of Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanic Rocks 2016 101 0
Tethyan Subduction to Post-Subduction Magmatic Evolution and Pulsed Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit Emplacement in the Southernmost Lesser Caucasus 2015 232 4
Miocene phosphate-rich sediments in Salento (southern Italy) 2015 216 1
Petrology and geochemistry of the Karaj Dam basement sill: Implications for geodynamic evolution of the Alborz magmatic belt 2015 204 0
Radiogenic isotopes for deciphering terrigenous input provenance in the western Mediterranean 2015 172 132
Experimental Anatexis, Fluorine Geochemistry and Lead-isotope Constraints on Granite Petrogenesis in the Seridó Belt, Borborema Province, Northeastern Brazil 2015 304 1
Constraint on foreland basin migration in the Zagros mountain belt using Sr isotope stratigraphy 2015 279 5
Devonian to Permian evolution of the Paleo-Tethys Ocean: New evidence from U–Pb zircon dating and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopes of the Darrehanjir–Mashhad "ophiolites", NE Iran 2015 262 3
The Yanaurcu volcano (Western Cordillera, Ecuador): A field, petrographic, geochemical, isotopic and geochronological study 2015 380 12
Petrological Evolution of the Magmatic Suite Associated with the Coroccohuayco Cu(–Au–Fe) Porphyry–Skarn Deposit, Peru 2015 271 319
High-Resolution Geochronology of the Coroccohuayco Porphyry-Skarn Deposit, Peru: A Rapid Product of the Incaic Orogeny 2015 398 5
A Middle Ordovician age for the Laisvall sandstone-hosted Pb-Zn deposit, Sweden: A response to early Caledonian orogenic activity 2015 262 1
Crustal thickness control on Sr/Y signatures of recent arc magmas: an Earth scale perspective 2015 298 335
Late Miocene K-rich volcanism in the Eslamieh Peninsula (Saray), NW Iran: implications for geodynamic evolution of the Turkish-Iranian High Plateau 2014 273 1
Mass Spectrometry in Earth Sciences: The Precise and Accurate Measurement of Time 2014 248 0
Permo-Triassic anatexis, continental rifting and the disassembly of western Pangaea 2014 327 1
Petrogenesis of tholeiitic basalts from the Central Atlantic magmatic province as revealed by mineral major and trace elements and Sr isotopes 2014 272 3
Sabzevar Ophiolite, NE Iran: Progress from embryonic oceanic lithosphere into magmatic arc constrained by new isotopic and geochemical data 2014 343 0
High temperature (>350°C) thermochronology and mechanisms of Pb loss in apatite 2014 292 1
Time scales of mineral systems - Advances in understanding over the past decade 2014 631 0
Copper enrichment in arc magmas controlled by overriding plate thickness 2014 606 12
Supra-subduction zone magmatism of the Neyriz ophiolite, Iran: constraints from geochemistry and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes 2014 464 1
Sr, Nd, Pb and Os Isotope Systematics of CAMP Tholeiites from Eastern North America (ENA): Evidence of a Subduction-enriched Mantle Source 2014 262 2
Enriched mantle source for the Central Atlantic magmatic province: new supporting evidence from southwestern Europe 2014 315 0
Distinguishing between in-situ and accretionary growth of continents along active margins 2014 263 0
Chlorine stable isotope variations across the Quaternary volcanic arc of Ecuador 2014 329 2
Zircon petrochronology reveals the temporal link between porphyry systems and the magmatic evolution of their hidden plutonic roots (The Eocene Coroccohuayco deposit, Peru) 2014 363 6
Formation and age of sphalerite mineralization in carbonate rocks of Bajocian age in the Swiss Jura Mountains: evidence of Mesozoic hydrothermal activity 2014 328 2
Quaternary Sanukitoid-like Andesites Generated by Intracrustal Processes (Chacana Caldera Complex, Ecuador): Implications for Archean Sanukitoids 2014 255 3
The Altar Porphyry Cu-(Au-Mo) Deposit (Argentina): A Complex Magmatic-Hydrothermal System with Evidence of Recharge Processes 2014 345 0
Upper and lower crust recycling in the source of CAMP basaltic dykes from southeastern North America 2013 263 1
Middle Jurassic to Cenozoic evolution of arc magmatism during Neotethys subduction and arc-continent collision in the Kapan Zone, southern Armenia 2013 305 2
How Accurately Can We Date the Duration of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Events in Porphyry Systems? 2013 759 10
The Eldivan ophiolite and volcanic rocks in the İzmir–Ankara–Erzincan suture zone, Northern Turkey: Geochronology, whole-rock geochemical and Nd–Sr–Pb isotope characteristics 2013 271 3
Geochemistry and tectonic evolution of the Late Cretaceous Gogher–Baft ophiolite, central Iran 2013 249 1
A Detailed Geochemical Study of a Shallow Arc-related Laccolith; the Torres del Paine Mafic Complex (Patagonia) 2013 288 2
Metallogenic features of Miocene porphyry Cu and porphyry-related mineral deposits in Ecuador revealed by Re-Os, 40Ar/39Ar, and U-Pb geochronology 2012 335 0
Why large porphyry Cu deposits like high Sr/Y magmas? 2012 299 438
Characterization of Modern and Fossil Mineral Dust Transported to High Altitude in the Western Alps: Saharan Sources and Transport Patterns 2012 308 495
Mesozoic arc magmatism along the southern Peruvian margin during Gondwana breakup and dispersal 2012 322 2
Latest Triassic marine Sr isotopic variations, possible causes and implications 2012 167 0
40Ar/39Ar ages and Sr–Nd–Pb–Os geochemistry of CAMP tholeiites from Western Maranhão basin (NE Brazil) 2011 226 0
Enriched Basaltic Andesites from Mid-crustal Fractional Crystallization, Recharge, and Assimilation (Pilavo Volcano, Western Cordillera of Ecuador) 2011 235 0
Origin of massive anhydrite bodies in the Morococha district, central Peru: insights from stable (O, S) and radiogenic (Sr, Nd) isotope geochemistry 2011 269 0
Early–Middle Jurassic intra-oceanic subduction in the İzmir-Ankara-Erzincan Ocean, Northern Turkey 2011 296 0
Petrology of the Miocene igneous rocks in the Altar region, main Cordillera of San Juan, Argentina. A geodynamic model within the context of the Andean flat-slab segment and metallogenesis 2011 165 0
Origin of Early Carboniferous pseudo-adakites in northern Brittany (France) through massive amphibole fractionation from hydrous basalt 2011 226 0
Local to regional scale industrial heavy metal pollution recorded in sediments of large freshwater lakes in central Europe (lakes Geneva and Lucerne) over the last centuries 2011 386 353
Ancient versus modern mineral dust transported to high-altitude alpine glaciers evidences saharan sources and atmospheric circulation changes 2011 309 155
(Pre-) historic changes in natural and anthropogenic heavy metals deposition inferred from two contrasting Swiss Alpine lakes 2011 415 333
Discovery of Miocene to early Pleistocene deposits on Mayaguana, Bahamas: Evidence for recent active tectonism on the North American margin 2011 278 0
Timing of juvenile arc crust formation and evolution in the Sapat Complex (Kohistan–Pakistan) 2011 278 0
Geochemistry, tectonics, and crustal evolution of basement rocks in the Eastern Rhodope Massif, Bulgaria 2010 313 4
Petrogenetic Evolution of Arc Magmatism Associated with Late Oligocene to Late Miocene Porphyry-Related Ore Deposits in Ecuador 2010 255 0
The Hypogene Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Mineralization in the Mantoverde District, Northern Chile 2010 469 0
Geodynamic controls on Tertiary arc magmatism in Ecuador: Constraints from U–Pb zircon geochronology of Oligocene–Miocene intrusions and regional age distribution trends 2010 244 0
Late Cretaceous porphyry Cu and epithermal Cu–Au association in the Southern Panagyurishte District, Bulgaria: the paired Vlaykov Vruh and Elshitsa deposits 2009 178 0
Rapid transition to long-lived deep crustal magmatic maturation and the formation of giant porphyry-related mineralization (Yanacocha, Peru) 2009 270 0
U–Pb, Re–Os, and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Nambija Au-skarn and Pangui porphyry Cu deposits, Ecuador: implications for the Jurassic metallogenic belt of the Northern Andes 2009 293 16
Adakite-like volcanism of Ecuador: lower crust magmatic evolution and recycling 2009 291 0
Adakite-like magmas from fractional crystallization and melting-assimilation of mafic lower crust (Eocene Macuchi arc, Western Cordillera, Ecuador) 2009 292 0
Magmatic-dominated fluid evolution in the Jurassic Nambija gold skarn deposits (southeastern Ecuador) 2009 201 1
Geologic setting, mineralogy, and geochemistry of the Early Tertiary Au-rich volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit of La Plata, Western Cordillera, Ecuador 2008 290 81
Geochemical and petrological aspects of dike intrusions in the Lycian ophiolites (SW Turkey): a case study for the dike emplacement along the Tauride Belt Ophiolites 2008 243 0
The Mesoproterozoic Maz terrane in the Western Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina, equivalent to the Arequipa–Antofalla block of southern Peru? Implications for West Gondwana margin evolution 2008 153 0
Origin of fluids in iron oxide–copper–gold deposits: constraints from δ 37Cl, 87Sr/86Sri and Cl/Br 2006 233 0
Lead isotope variations across terrane boundaries of the Tien Shan and Chinese Altay 2006 213 0
Geology, geochronology, and Hf and Pb isotope data of the Raúl-Condestable iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, central coast of Peru 2006 319 1
Mineral zoning and gold occurrence in the Fortuna skarn mine, Nambija district, Ecuador 2006 332 4
Columbite-tantalite-bearing granitic pegmatites from the Seridó Belt, Northeastern Brazil: genetic constraints from U-Pb dating and Pb isotopes 2006 349 2
Compositional diversity of Eocene–Oligocene basaltic magmatism in the Eastern Rhodopes, SE Bulgaria: implications for genesis and tectonic setting 2004 220 0
Cenozoic continental arc magmatism and associated mineralization in Ecuador 2004 230 1
Metal Sources in Mineral Deposits and Crustal Rocks of Ecuador (1° N–4° S): A Lead Isotope Synthesis 2004 371 109
Oxidized gold skarns in the Nambija district, Ecuador 2004 346 1
Reply to Discussion on "Formation and evolution processes of the Salanfe W-Au-As-skarns (Aiguilles Rouges Massif, western Swiss Alps)? "by Chiaradia M (Mineralium Deposita 38: 154?168) 2004 193 0
Plumbotectonic Evolution of the Ossa Morena Zone, Iberian Peninsula: Tracing the Influence of Mantle-Crust Interaction in Ore-Forming Processes 2004 254 0
The evolution of tungsten sources in crustal mineralization from archean to tertiary inferred from lead isotopes 2003 195 0
Re-Os and Pb-Pb geochronology of the Archean Salobo iron oxide copper-gold deposit, Carajás mineral province, northern Brazil 2003 212 284
Implications of Pb isotope signatures of rocks and iron oxide Cu-Au ores in the Candelaria-Punta del Cobre district, Chile 2003 254 1
Geochemical and Sr–Nd–Pb–O isotope composition of granitoids of the Early Cretaceous Copiapó plutonic complex (27°30′S), Chile 2003 211 0
Separate lead isotope analyses of leachate and residue rock fractions: implications for metal source tracing in ore deposit studies 2003 162 60
Formation and evolution processes of the Salanfe W–Au–As-skarns (Aiguilles Rouges Massif, western Swiss Alps) 2003 214 0
Different contamination styles of prehistoric human teeth at a Swiss necropolis (Sion, Valais) inferred from lead and strontium isotopes 2003 279 0
Lead isotope systematics of Late Cretaceous - Tertiary Andean arc magmas and associated ores between 8°N and 40°S: evidence for latitudinal mantle heterogeneity beneath the Andes 2002 214 48
Radiogenic Lead Signatures in Au-Rich Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Ores and Associated Volcanic Rocks of the Early Tertiary Macuchi Island Arc (Western Cordillera of Ecuador) 2001 294 2
Stable lead isotopes: application to sourcing of lead in the environment 2001 207 0
Gold-rich VHMS deposits of the Western Cordillera of Ecuador: mineralogy, lead isotope and metal geochemistry 2000 250 50
Behaviour of airborne lead and temporal variations of its source effects in Geneva (Switzerland): comparison of anthropogenic versus natural processes 2000 160 0
Gas-to-particle conversion of mercury, arsenic and selenium through reactions with traffic-related compounds? Indications from lead isotopes 2000 200 0
Stratabound and vein-type Pb-Zn mineralization at Las Canas, Chanarcillo Group, northern Chile; fluid inclusion microthermometry, and sulfur and lead isotope constraints 1999 315 51
The efficiency of removal of lead and other elements from domestic drinking waters using a bench-top water filter system 1997 212 0
Contamination of houses by workers occupationally exposed in a lead-zinc-copper mine and impact on blood lead concentrations in the families 1997 203 0
Identification of historical lead sources in roof dusts and recent lake sediments from an industrialized area: indications from lead isotopes 1997 193 0
Identification of secondary lead sources in the air of an urban environment 1997 222 0
Sedimentary protoconcentrations as a source of tungsten in the W-As-Au skarn of Salanfe (Aiguilles Rouges massif, Switzerland) 1994 209 0
The scheelite-skarn of Salanfe (Valais, Switzerland) 1993 243 0
Bedeutung vor- und frühpaläozoischer Lithologien für Wolfram-Mineralisationen 1992 134 0
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