Delaloye, Christophe

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Personality, psychosocial and health-related predictors of quality of life in old age 2015 502 3
Neuroanatomical and Neuropsychological Features of Elderly Euthymic Patients With Bipolar Disorder or Early-Onset Depression 2013 307 3
Stressful life events and neuroticism as predictors of late-life versus early-life depression 2013 493 2
Personality traits, cognition and volumetric MRI changes in elderly patients with early-onset depression: A 2-year follow-up study 2012 438 0
Personality traits are associated with acute major depression across the age spectrum 2012 460 3
Combined analysis of grey matter voxel-based morphometry and white matter tract-based spatial statistics in late-life bipolar disorder 2011 411 0
Longitudinal analysis of cognitive performances and structural brain changes in late-life bipolar disorder 2011 411 1
Magnetic resonance imaging determinants of intraindividual variability in the elderly: combined analysis of grey and white matter 2011 452 2
Volumetric MRI changes, cognition and personality traits in old age depression 2010 412 1
Neuroanatomical and neuropsychological features of elderly euthymic depressed patients with early- and late-onset 2010 438 0
Neurocognitive deficits and personality traits among euthymic patients with mood disorders in late life 2010 434 0
Personality traits influence clinical outcome in day hospital-treated elderly depressed patients 2009 392 0
Longitudinal assessment of psychotherapeutic day hospital treatment for neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia 2009 409 0
Do age differences between young and older adults in inhibitory tasks depend on the degree of activation of information ? 2009 568 3
Cognitive features in euthymic bipolar patients in old age 2009 336 1
The contribution of aging to the understanding of the dimensionality of executive functions 2009 391 2
Neuroanatomical and neuropsychological features of euthymic patients with bipolar disorder 2009 430 2
Assessing depression outcome in patients with moderate dementia: sensitivity of the HoNOS65+ scale 2009 435 0
Longitudinal assessment of psychotherapeutic day hospital treatment for elderly patients with depression 2008 436 2
L'empan de lecture comme épreuve mesurant la capacité de mémoire de travail: normes basées sur une population francophone de 775 adultes jeunes et âgés 2008 642 31
Cognitive impairment in late-onset depression. Limited to a decrement in information processing resources? 2008 385 5
Structured assessment of mental health status in psychogeriatrics: validity of the French HoNOS65+ 2007 403 2
Inhibition et variabilité individuelle: généralité ou spécificité des processus inhibiteurs 2003 399 9
La mémoire de 7 à 77 ans. Etudes genevoises sur la mémoire du travail au travers du lifespan 2003 416 10
Interférence, inhibition et différences individuelles dans la tâche du Stroop Couleur 2001 382 4
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