Baratti, Denise

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Facial bone reconstruction with prefabricated vascularized calvarium flaps in children and young adults: Advantages and long-term results 2016 373 2
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Noma: neglected, forgotten and a human rights issue 2015 424 0
Noma affected children from niger have distinct oral microbial communities based on high-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA gene fragments 2014 517 200
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Microarray Analysis of Microbiota of Gingival Lesions in Noma Patients 2013 561 1001
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GESNOMA (Geneva Study group on Noma): an aetiological research on noma disease 2007 502 0
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GESNOMA (Geneva Study Group on Noma): une recherche médicale de point à but humanitaire 2004 378 0
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Noma: an "infectious" disease of unknown aetiology 2003 462 2
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