Montet, Xavier Cédric Rodolphe

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What is the diagnostic performance of 18-FDG-PET/MR compared to PET/CT for the N- and M- staging of breast cancer? 2019 45 21
Radiological findings of complications after lung transplantation 2018 67 6
Iterative Algorithms Applied to Treated Intracranial Aneurysms 2018 76 1
Noninvasive pulmonary nodule characterization using transcutaneous bioconductance: Preliminary results of an observational study 2018 43 5
Participation in lung cancer screening programs: are there gender and social differences? A systematic review 2018 47 31
Low-dose computed tomography for the diagnosis of pneumonia in elderly patients: a prospective, interventional cohort study 2018 99 2
Impact of iterative reconstructions on objective and subjective emphysema assessment with computed tomography: a prospective study 2017 135 1
Orthodontically induced cervical root resorption in humans is associated with the amount of tooth movement 2017 94 0
Clitoral anatomy, physiology and pathology demystified by imaging 2017 155 7
CT vaginography: a new CT technique for imaging of upper and middle vaginal fistulas 2017 116 0
DIEP flap for breast reconstruction: Is abdominal fat thickness associated with post-operative complications? 2017 146 1
Fat suppression techniques for breast MRI: Dixon versus spectral fat saturation for 3D T1-weighted at 3 T. 2017 34 0
Standardized fluoroscopy-based technique to measure intraoperative cup anteversion 2017 130 1
ECG-triggered high-pitch CT for simultaneous assessment of the aorta and coronary arteries 2016 153 62
Value of liver computed tomography with iodixanol 270, 80 kVp and iterative reconstruction 2016 126 53
Scintigraphic Identification of Gastric Tissue in a Mediastinal Mass 2016 146 44
Clinical utility of 18F-FDG-PET/MR for preoperative breast cancer staging 2016 284 74
Pulmonary Perfusion Changes as Assessed by Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Energy Computed Tomography after Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction by Coils 2016 85 0
Dual-energy computed tomographic imaging of pulmonary hypertension 2016 150 1
Adapting anatomy teaching to surgical trends: a combination of classical dissection, medical imaging, and 3D-printing technologies 2016 211 9
Multivalent glibenclamide to generate islet specific imaging probes 2016 107 0
Ossifying metaplasia of urothelial metastases: original case with review of the literature 2015 161 81
Ectopic UCP1 Overexpression in White Adipose Tissue Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Lou/C Rats, a Model of Obesity Resistance 2015 196 76
Image quality of low mA CT pulmonary angiography reconstructed with model based iterative reconstruction versus standard CT pulmonary angiography reconstructed with filtered back projection: an equivalency trial 2015 146 0
Gut Microbiota Orchestrates Energy Homeostasis during Cold 2015 162 1
Microbiota depletion promotes browning of white adipose tissue and reduces obesity 2015 307 10
Hyaluronic Acid Filler in HIV-Associated Facial Lipoatrophy: Evaluation of Tissue Distribution and Morphology with MRI. 2015 324 0
Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) for the Reduction of Metal Artifacts on CT. 2015 154 0
Hepatic PTEN deficiency improves muscle insulin sensitivity and decreases adiposity in mice 2015 375 182
Model-based iterative reconstruction versus adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction in low-dose abdominal CT for urolithiasis 2014 274 0
Diagnosis of urothelial tumors with a dedicated dual-source dual-energy MDCT protocol: preliminary results 2014 247 0
Incidental adrenal lesions detected on enhanced abdominal dual-energy CT: Can the diagnostic workup be shortened by the implementation of virtual unenhanced images? 2014 221 0
Insertion of nanoparticle clusters into vesicle bilayers 2014 185 0
Early detection of lung cancer: a statement from an expert panel of the Swiss university hospitals on lung cancer screening 2014 136 0
Respiratory-gated MRgHIFU in upper abdomen using an MR-compatible in-bore digital camera 2014 282 688
Urinary stone detection and characterisation with dual-energy CT urography after furosemide intravenous injection: preliminary results 2014 261 0
Experimental noninferiority trial of synthetic small-caliber biodegradable versus stable vascular grafts 2013 295 0
Magnetic resonance-guided shielding of prefocal acoustic obstacles in focused ultrasound therapy: application to intercostal ablation in liver 2013 266 1
Computed tomography of the chest with model-based iterative reconstruction using a radiation exposure similar to chest X-ray examination: preliminary observations 2013 294 8
Colovesical fistula causing an uncommon reason for failure of computed tomography colonography: a case report 2012 252 47
Surgical management of adrenal metastases 2012 245 0
A new MDCT technique for the detection and anatomical exploration of urogenital fistulas 2012 301 0
Pancreatic magnetic resonance imaging after manganese injection distinguishes type 2 diabetic and normoglycemic patients 2012 289 123
Deficiency in the NADPH oxidase 4 predisposes towards diet-induced obesity 2012 262 5
Chronic mTOR inhibition by rapamycin induces muscle insulin resistance despite weight loss in rats 2012 309 0
Alterations in lipid metabolism and thermogenesis with emergence of brown adipocytes in white adipose tissue in diet-induced obesity-resistant Lou/C rats 2011 266 0
Targeting vascular NADPH oxidase 1 blocks tumor angiogenesis through a PPARα mediated mechanism 2011 277 192
Gastrointestinal relapse of multiple myeloma and sustained response to lenalidomide: a case report 2011 267 6
The role of imaging and molecular imaging in the early detection of metabolic and cardiovascular dysfunctions 2010 263 1
In vivo labelling of resting monocytes in the reticuloendothelial system with fluorescent iron oxide nanoparticles prior to injury reveals that they are mobilized to infarcted myocardium 2010 212 0
Rencontre du "GPS" et du poumon: navigation électromagnétique pour le diagnostic des lésions pulmonaires 2010 198 0
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor deficiency leads to age-dependent impairment of glucose homeostasis in mice 2010 268 0
Molecular imaging by micro-CT: specific E-selectin imaging 2009 299 9
The Lou/C rat: a model of spontaneous food restriction associated with improved insulin sensitivity and decreased lipid storage in adipose tissue 2009 248 1
Female hydrocele: the cyst of Nuck 2009 269 0
Molecular imaging in a (pre-) clinical context 2008 183 0
Diagnostic accuracy of digitized periapical radiographs validated against micro-computed tomography scanning in evaluating orthodontically induced apical root resorption 2008 315 1
Improved visualization of vessels and hepatic tumors by micro-computed tomography (CT) using iodinated liposomes 2007 258 2
Analysis of contrast-enhanced MR images to assess renal function 2006 236 0
Magnetic resonance imaging with hepatospecific contrast agents in cirrhotic rat livers 2005 239 110
About a case of pulmonary blastoma 2004 238 0
Specificity of SPIO particles for characterization of liver hemangiomas using MRI. 2004 254 7
Kinetics of gadobenate dimeglumine in isolated perfused rat liver: MR imaging evaluation 2003 242 0
Noninvasive measurement of absolute renal perfusion by contrast medium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging 2003 228 0
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