Schwab, Sandra

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Accent mark and visual word recognition in Spanish 2015 409 209
The role of stress perception in the assignment of written accent in Spanish 2014 525 160
The perception of accentual prominences in French L1 and L2: effect of intonation and lexical component 2014 634 89
Speech rate perception in Spanish L1 and L2: Effect of L1, perceived degree of regional accent and competence in L2 2014 643 1196
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Acoustic correlates of French accentuation in advanced Spanish learners of French 2013 563 274
Does training make French speakers more able to identify lexical stress? 2013 540 171
Do native Spanish speakers transfer accentual acoustic properties from Spanish to French L2? 2012 554 589
An Acoustic Study of Penultimate Accentuation in Three Varieties of French 2012 568 171
Un transfert accentuel de l'espagnol vers le français? Un début de réponse 2011 539 123
Quelques aspects prosodiques de l'interlangue des apprenants hispanophones en français 2011 570 256
Evaluation des voyelles nasales en français L2 en production: de la nécessité d'un corpus multitâches 2010 591 528
The production of French nasal vowels by advanced Japanese and Spanish learners of French: a corpus-based evaluation study 2010 644 1535
Les variables temporelles dans la production et la perception de la parole 2007 1822 1286
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