Borradori Tolsa, Cristina

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Language in preterm born children: atypical development and effects of early interventions on neuroplasticity 2019 115 56
Music in premature infants enhances high-level cognitive brain networks 2019 118 72
Effects of an early postnatal music intervention on cognitive and emotional development in preterm children at 12 and 24 months: preliminary findings 2019 161 76
Neurodevelopmental outcome at early school age in a Swiss national cohort of very preterm children 2019 37 14
Early and long-term outcome of preterm born infants 2019 151 0
Association between perinatal interventional activity and 2-year outcome of Swiss extremely preterm born infants: a population-based cohort study 2019 33 11
Prediction of ROP Treatment and Evaluation of Screening Criteria in VLBW Infants-a Population Based Analysis 2018 112 0
Music processing in preterm and full-term newborns: A psychophysiological interaction (PPI) approach in neonatal fMRI 2018 329 245
Fragility of haptic memory in human full-term newborns 2018 227 3
The dynamics of cortical folding waves and prematurity-related deviations revealed by spatial and spectral analysis of gyrification 2018 196 0
Longitudinal study of neonatal brain tissue volumes in preterm infants and their ability to predict neurodevelopmental outcome 2018 212 1
Approche sensorimotrice pour des soins de soutien au développement en néonatologie 2018 199 2
Fidgety movements in infants born very preterm: predictive value for cerebral palsy in a clinical multicentre setting 2017 207 0
Population based report on health related quality of life in adolescents born very preterm 2017 198 0
Bénéfices des soins de soutien au développement 2017 192 206
Corrigendum: Structural Brain Network Reorganization and Social Cognition Related to Adverse Perinatal Condition from Infancy to Early Adolescence 2017 191 87
Brain network characterization of high-risk preterm-born school-age children 2016 263 112
Structural Brain Network Reorganization and Social Cognition Related to Adverse Perinatal Condition from Infancy to Early Adolescence 2016 275 127
Altered Amygdala Development and Fear Processing in Prematurely Born Infants 2016 336 176
Social reasoning abilities in preterm and full-term children aged 5–7 years 2016 309 3
Response inhibition difficulties in preterm children aged 9-12 years: Relations with emotion and behavior 2016 358 5
Emotion, attention, and effortful control in 24-month-old very preterm and full-term children 2015 417 12
Early Brain Activity Relates to Subsequent Brain Growth in Premature Infants 2015 396 0
Gestational age and gender influence on executive control and its related neural structures in preterm-born children at 6 years of age 2015 304 2
Devenir et prise en charge des enfants grands prématurés 2014 307 4
Suivi neurodéveloppemental à 5 ans des extrêmes prématurés et détection des difficultés sur le plan des fonctions exécutives 2014 356 2
Structural Brain Connectivity in School-Age Preterm Infants Provides Evidence for Impaired Networks Relevant for Higher Order Cognitive Skills and Social Cognition 2014 402 2
Développement des fonctions exécutives de l'enfant prématuré 2014 458 13
Emotional and effortful control abilities in 42-month-old very preterm and full-term children 2014 372 3
Functional neuroimaging study of performances on a Go/No-go task in 6- to 7-year-old preterm children: Impact of intrauterine growth restriction 2013 412 224
Emotional reactivity at 12 months in very preterm infants born at <29 weeks of gestation 2013 424 6
Elaboration et validation de contenu d'une grille d'observation du comportement sensorimoteur du nouveau-né à l'usage du personnel soignant 2013 746 6
Outcome at two years of age in a Swiss national cohort of extremely preterm infants born between 2000 and 2008 2012 420 279
Suivi neurodéveloppemental de l'enfant né prématuré dans l'Arc lémanique 2011 393 3
Impact of sepsis on neurodevelopmental outcome in a Swiss National Cohort of extremely premature infants 2011 439 0
Pédiatrie: les soins de soutien au développement en néonatologie 2011 408 0
Structural asymmetries of perisylvian regions in the preterm newborn 2010 375 0
Attentional networks efficiency in preterm children 2010 521 549
Retard de croissance intra-utérin: impact sur le développement et la fonction cérébrale 2008 322 2
Primary cortical folding in the human newborn: an early marker of later functional development 2008 414 1
Mapping the early cortical folding process in the preterm newborn brain 2008 368 1
Impact of intrauterine growth restriction and glucocorticoids on brain development: insights using advanced magnetic resonance imaging 2006 368 0
Early alteration of structural and functional brain development in premature infants born with intrauterine growth restriction 2004 338 1
Le développement du cerveau en images : maturation et pathologie cérébrales 2002 303 0
Nouvelles méthodes d'évaluation de la fonction cérébrale chez le nouveau-né : la résonnance magnétique cérébrale et l'évaluation comportementale 2001 301 1
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