Fusetti, Cesare

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Fifth metacarpal neck fractures treated with soft wrap/buddy taping compared to reduction and casting: results of a prospective, multicenter, randomized trial 2016 369 1
Occult fractures of the scaphoid: the role of ultrasonography in the emergency department 2011 540 224
Proximal row carpectomy in emergency 2010 487 0
Long-term outcomes of closed reduction and percutaneous pinning for the treatment of distal radius fractures 2009 446 0
High rate of complications associated with extrafocal kirschner wire pinning for distal radius fractures 2008 442 0
Outcome of boxer's fractures treated by a soft wrap and buddy taping: a prospective study 2007 604 391
The ECRL bone-tendon ligamentoplasty for chronic ulnar instability of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb 2005 381 0
Diagnosis of occult scaphoid fracture with high-spatial-resolution sonography: a prospective blind study 2005 491 2
Minimally invasive fixation versus conservative treatment of undisplaced scaphoid fractures: a cost-effectiveness study 2004 507 0
Influence of fracture pattern on consolidation after metacarpal plate fixation 2004 512 0
Trans-trapezium carpo-metacarpal dislocation of the thumb 2004 532 167
Sexual quality-of-life after hip surgery 2003 472 0
Complications of plate fixation in metacarpal fractures 2002 463 0
Bone-tendon ligamentoplasty for chronic ulnar instability of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint: an anatomic reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament 2001 482 0
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