Chilcott, Michael John

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Plastic surgery after gastric bypass improves long-term quality of life 2013 700 226
Altemeier's procedure for rectal prolapse: analysis of long-term outcome in 60 patients 2012 487 0
Short versus long Roux-limb length in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery for the treatment of morbid and super obesity: a systematic review of the literature 2011 524 150
Population perception of surgical safety and body image trauma: a plea for scarless surgery? 2011 502 135
Severe delayed complication after percutaneous endoscopic colostomy for chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction: a case report and review of the literature 2007 406 336
Vascular invasion in pancreatic cancer: evaluation of endoscopic ultrasonography, computed tomography, ultrasonography, and angiography 2007 422 131
Bouveret's syndrome: management and strategy of a rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction 2007 514 0
Surgical management and long-term outcome of complicated liver hydatid cysts caused by Echinococcus granulosus 2005 510 0
Robotics and new technologies in surgery 2004 392 297
Paraganglioma of the ampulla of Vater: a potentially malignant neoplasm 2004 437 0
Long term results after complete or incomplete surgical resection of liver hydatid disease 2003 482 1295
Medical problems occurring during the long-term follow-up after liver transplantation 2003 451 0
Appendicite aiguë atypique : hernie de Amyand 2003 519 0
Optimization of the kinetics of cooling of kidneys: a pig model 1999 425 0
Surgical treatment of sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus disease by excision and skin flaps: the Toulouse experience 1999 365 0
Preoperative counts of CD4 T-lymphocytes and early postoperative infective complications in HIV-positive patients 1998 425 0
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