Turcot, Katia

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Gait Analysis 1 Year after Primary TKA: No Difference between Gap Balancing and Measured Resection Technique 2019 51 0
Variable compensation during the sit-to-stand task among individuals with severe knee osteoarthritis 2017 256 0
Influence of Body Mass Index on Sagittal Knee Range of Motion and Gait Speed Recovery 1-Year After Total Knee Arthroplasty 2017 258 0
Comparison of the Otto Bock solid ankle cushion heel foot with wooden keel to the low-cost CR-Equipements™ solid ankle cushion heel foot with polypropylene keel 2017 253 2
Knee Kinematic and Clinical Outcomes Evolution Before, 3 Months, and 1 Year After Total Knee Arthroplasty 2017 282 0
Multi-joint postural behavior in patients with knee osteoarthritis 2015 397 0
Gait evolution in a family with hereditary spastic paraplegia 2015 407 1
Analyse du mouvement dans un contexte clinique 2014 379 4
Effects of unstable shoes on chronic low back pain in health professionals: A randomized controlled trial 2014 428 0
Does knee alignment influence gait in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis? 2013 419 0
How gait and clinical outcomes contribute to patients' satisfaction three months following a total knee arthroplasty 2013 340 0
Comparison of the International Committee of the Red Cross foot with the solid ankle cushion heel foot during gait: a randomized double-blind study 2013 391 0
Associations between gait and clinical parameters in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis: a multiple correspondence analysis 2013 438 0
Full body gait analysis may improve diagnostic discrimination between hereditary spastic paraplegia and spastic diplegia: a preliminary study 2013 495 1
Sit-to-stand alterations in advanced knee osteoarthritis 2012 417 0
Postural strategies in diabetes patients with peripheral neuropathy determined using cross-correlation functions 2012 386 0
Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in Swiss teenagers with appendicular fractures: a prospective study of 100 cases 2012 404 121
Biomechanics and physiological parameters during gait in lower-limb amputees: a systematic review 2011 416 1
Evaluation of unipodal stance in knee osteoarthritis patients using knee accelerations and center of pressure 2011 397 0
Effects of physiotherapy treatment on knee osteoarthritis gait data using principal component analysis 2011 372 0
Changes of concave and convex rib-vertebral angle, angle difference and angle ratio in patients with right thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis 2011 421 203
Arthrose sévère du genou: altérations à la marche 2011 388 1
Talonavicular arthrodesis for the treatment of neurological flat foot deformity in pediatric patients: clinical and radiographic evaluation of 29 feet 2011 459 0
Cervical spine sagittal alignment variations following posterior spinal fusion and instrumentation for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis 2011 444 246
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