Bieri, Sabine

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Whole brain radiotherapy with a conformational external beam radiation boost for lung cancer patients with 1-3 brain metastasis: a multi institutional study 2010 471 950
Assessment of quality of life in patients treated with accelerated radiotherapy for laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinomas 2000 495 523
Can concomitant-boost accelerated radiotherapy be adopted as routine treatment for head-and-neck cancers? A 10-year single-institution experience 2004 450 412
Avoidance of treatment interruption: an unrecognized benefit of accelerated radiotherapy in oropharyngeal carcinomas? 1999 429 338
A conservation approach to pharyngeal carcinoma with advanced neck disease: optimizing neck management 1999 515 334
Combined concomitant boost radiotherapy and chemotherapy in stage III-IV head and neck carcinomas: a comparison of toxicity and treatment results with those observed after radiotherapy alone 1997 441 291
Sphincter-sparing surgery after preoperative radiotherapy for low rectal cancers: feasibility, oncologic results and quality of life outcomes 2000 516 268
Concomitant boost radiotherapy in oropharynx carcinomas 1998 480 260
Outcome and risk factors for late-onset complications 24 months beyond allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation 2011 499 1
Preoperative hyperfractionated radiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancers: a phase I-II trial 2002 460 0
Preoperative concomitant hyperfractionated radiotherapy and gemcitabine for locally advanced rectal cancers: a phase I-II trial 2005 519 0
Assessment of quality of life in patients with rectal cancer treated by preoperative radiotherapy: a longitudinal prospective study 2005 498 0
Elective inguinal node irradiation in early-stage T2N0 anal cancer: prognostic impact on locoregional control 2013 525 0
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