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Toxic doses of caffeine are needed to increase skeletal muscle contractility 2019 9 0
Plantar flexor muscle weakness and fatigue in spastic cerebral palsy patients 2017 216 1
Wide-pulse-high-frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation in cerebral palsy 2016 358 1
Effects of a short proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching bout on quadriceps neuromuscular function, flexibility and vertical jump performance 2013 428 2
Neuromuscular fatigue induced by whole-body vibration exercise 2013 319 0
Mechanisms of fatigue and task failure induced by sustained submaximal contractions 2012 414 2
Response to letter to the editor by T. D. Noakes 2011 279 0
Neuromuscular fatigue differs following unilateral vs bilateral sustained submaximal contractions 2011 378 0
Limitation of performance and the brain: simply more complex 2010 284 1
Mechanisms of skeletal muscle weakness 2010 522 0
Apports de la fibre intacte isolée dans la compréhension des mécanismes de la fatigue mise en évidence chez l'homme 2010 358 0
Comparison of quadriceps inactivation between nerve and muscle stimulation 2010 380 1
Muscle fatigue: from observations in humans to underlying mechanisms studied in intact single muscle fibres 2010 375 75
Mechanisms of fatigue induced by isometric contractions in exercising humans and in mouse isolated single muscle fibres 2009 291 0
Go rinse your mouth: a novel way to improve endurance performance? 2009 398 1
High temperature does not alter fatigability in intact mouse skeletal muscle fibres 2009 311 0
Unchanged H-reflex during a sustained isometric submaximal plantar flexion performed with an EMG biofeedback 2009 390 0
Impaired myofibrillar function in the soleus muscle of mice with collagen-induced arthritis 2009 382 0
Interpolated twitches in fatiguing single mouse muscle fibres: implications for the assessment of central fatigue 2008 360 0
Is interstitial K+ accumulation a key factor in the fatigue process under physiological conditions? 2008 362 0
Reactive oxygen species and fatigue-induced prolonged low-frequency force depression in skeletal muscle fibres of rats, mice and SOD2 overexpressing mice 2008 371 0
Nonshivering thermogenesis protects against defective calcium handling in muscle 2008 362 0
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