Silva, Filo

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Influenza A viruses limit NLRP3-NEK7-complex formation and pyroptosis in human macrophages 2020 47 0
H5N1 influenza A virus PB1-F2 relieves HAX-1-mediated restriction of avian virus polymerase PA in human lung cells 2018 86 26
Escherichia coli SecG is required for residual export mediated by mutant signal sequences and for SecY-SecE complex stability 2015 472 3
55.2, a phage T4 ORFan gene, encodes an inhibitor of Escherichia coli topoisomerase I and increases phage fitness 2015 506 235
55.1, a gene of unknown function of phage T4, impacts on Escherichia coli folate metabolism and blocks DNA repair by the NER. 2011 482 541
The polypeptide core of Microcin E492 stably associates with the mannose permease and interferes with mannose metabolism 2010 492 340
Effects of antibiotics and a proto-oncogene homolog on destruction of protein translocator SecY 2009 475 0
Deregulation of the SecYEG translocation channel upon removal of the plug domain 2007 443 0
Bactericidal activity of both secreted and nonsecreted microcin E492 requires the mannose permease 2006 424 0
Functional activity of eukaryotic signal sequences in Escherichia coli: the ovalbumin family of serine protease inhibitors 2004 477 0
Both transmembrane domains of SecG contribute to signal sequence recognition by the Escherichia coli protein export machinery 2000 443 0
Transcriptional activation of ydeA, which encodes a member of the major facilitator superfamily, interferes with arabinose accumulation and induction of the Escherichia coli arabinose PBAD promoter 1999 403 0
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