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T-score as an indicator of fracture risk during treatment with romosozumab or alendronate in the ARCH trial 2020 4 1
Perspectives on the non-invasive evaluation of femoral strength in the assessment of hip fracture risk 2020 42 0
Zoledronate Following Denosumab Discontinuation: Partial Reassurance but No Confidence 2020 56 5
Denosumab in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and diabetes: Subgroup analysis of FREEDOM and FREEDOM extension 2020 55 2
Favorable skeletal benefit/risk of long-term denosumab therapy: A virtual-twin analysis of fractures prevented relative to skeletal safety events observed 2020 63 1
A patient-level key performance indicator set to measure the effectiveness of fracture liaison services and guide quality improvement 2020 41 19
Associations between radius low-frequency axial ultrasound velocity and bone fragility in elderly men and women 2019 54 1
Algorithm for the Use of Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in the Diagnosis, Assessment and Follow-Up of Treatment for Osteoporosis 2019 57 32
Relationship Between Bone Mineral Density T‐Score and Nonvertebral Fracture Risk Over 10 Years of Denosumab Treatment 2019 108 51
Higher rates of osteoporosis treatment initiation and persistence in patients with newly diagnosed vertebral fracture when introduced in inpatients than later in outpatients 2019 94 1
Consensus Statement on the Use of Bone Turnover Markers for Short-Term Monitoring of Osteoporosis Treatment in the Asia-Pacific Region 2019 55 26
Cortical and trabecular bone microarchitecture as an independent predictor of incident fracture risk in older women and men in the Bone Microarchitecture International Consortium (BoMIC): a prospective study 2019 106 0
Diabetes and fracture risk 2019 90 3
Further Nonvertebral Fracture Reduction Beyond 3 Years for Up to 10 Years of Denosumab Treatment 2019 110 1
RANKL inhibition improves muscle strength and insulin sensitivity and restores bone mass 2019 126 176
Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of bone fragility in people living with HIV: a position statement from the Swiss Association against Osteoporosis 2019 136 1
Fracture risk following intermission of osteoporosis therapy 2019 55 1
Ostéoporose 2018 190 62
β-Klotho deficiency shifts the gut-liver bile acid axis and induces hepatic alterations in mice 2018 192 2
Functional Performances on Admission Predict In-Hospital Falls, Injurious Falls, and Fractures in Older Patients: A Prospective Study 2018 301 3
Ostéoporose 2018 142 1
Ostéoporose chez l'insuffisant rénal: quelle évaluation et quel traitement? Place de la biopsie osseuse 2018 154 1
Recipient rs1045642 Polymorphism Is Associated With Office Blood Pressure at 1-Year Post Kidney Transplantation: A Single Center Pharmacogenetic Cohort Pilot Study 2018 261 99
Phosphate wasting disorders in adults 2018 191 1
Osteoporosis: Romosozumab to rebuild the foundations of bone strength 2018 261 0
Diagnosis and management of bone fragility in diabetes: an emerging challenge 2018 198 89
Romosozumab FRAME Study: A Post Hoc Analysis of the Role of Regional Background Fracture Risk on Nonvertebral Fracture Outcome 2018 236 0
Interaction between LRP5 and periostin gene polymorphisms on serum periostin levels and cortical bone microstructure 2018 356 1
Fermented dairy products consumption is associated with attenuated cortical bone loss independently of total calcium, protein, and energy intakes in healthy postmenopausal women 2018 203 1
Evaluation of Radius Microstructure and Areal Bone Mineral Density Improves Fracture Prediction in Postmenopausal Women 2018 379 0
Intra-rater reliability of hip abductor isometric strength testing in a standing position in older fallers and non-fallers 2018 202 84
Vertebral Fractures After Discontinuation of Denosumab: A Post Hoc Analysis of the Randomized Placebo-Controlled FREEDOM Trial and Its Extension 2018 239 1
Selective inhibition of Src family kinases by SU6656 increases bone mass by uncoupling bone formation from resorption in mice 2018 190 1
Prevention of fractures in patients with osteoporosis 2018 269 1
FRAME Study: The Foundation Effect of Building Bone With 1 Year of Romosozumab Leads to Continued Lower Fracture Risk After Transition to Denosumab 2018 211 0
Hip muscle and hand-grip strength to differentiate between older fallers and non-fallers: a cross-sectional validity study 2018 346 119
The C-Terminal Intact Forms of Periostin (iPTN) Are Surrogate Markers for Osteolytic Lesions in Experimental Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis 2018 178 0
Structural Basis of Bone Fragility in Young Subjects with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A High-resolution pQCT Study of the SWISS IBD Cohort (SIBDC) 2017 321 1
Prepubertal Impact of Protein Intake and Physical Activity on Weight-Bearing Peak Bone Mass and Strength in Males 2017 290 0
Osteoporosis drug treatment: duration and management after discontinuation. A position statement from the SVGO/ASCO 2017 261 156
Diabetes and Bone 2017 241 1
Les métamorphoses du traitement de l'ostéoporose 2017 191 54
Fracture Prospectively Recorded From Prepuberty to Young Adulthood: Are They Markers of Peak Bone Mass and Strength in Males? 2017 296 0
Mechanisms of diabetes mellitus-induced bone fragility 2017 290 0
Retrospective evaluation of serum CTX levels after denosumab discontinuation in patients with or without prior exposure to bisphosphonates 2017 291 1
hypophosphatasie de l'adulte 2017 256 3
Traitement médicamenteux de l'ostéoporose: durée et procédure après la fin du traitement 2017 219 1
IOF Compendium of Osteoporosis 2017 162 64
Within and across-sex inheritance of bone microarchitecture 2017 1296 10
Cathepsin K Controls Cortical Bone Formation by Degrading Periostin 2017 243 1
Identification and management of patients at increased risk of osteoporotic fracture: outcomes of an ESCEO expert consensus meeting 2017 239 0
Development of a New Immunoassay for Human Cathepsin K-Generated Periostin Fragments as a Serum Biomarker for Cortical Bone 2017 179 1
Evaluation of hip abductor and adductor strength in the elderly: a reliability study 2017 300 112
Influence of subject discontinuation on long-term nonvertebral fracture rate in the denosumab FREEDOM Extension study 2017 262 116
Jusqu'où et jusqu'à quand traiter l'ostéoporose? 2017 173 36
Serum Levels of a Cathepsin-K Generated Periostin Fragment Predict Incident Low-Trauma Fractures in Postmenopausal Women Independently of BMD and FRAX 2017 293 0
Peripheral skeleton bone strength is positively correlated with total and dairy protein intakes in healthy postmenopausal women 2017 328 0
Traitement de l'ostéoporose : quel médicament et pour qui? 2016 298 215
Occupation-dependent loading increases bone strength in men 2016 444 2
Bone modeling and remodeling: potential as therapeutic targets for the treatment of osteoporosis 2016 283 0
Unmet needs and current and future approaches for osteoporotic patients at high risk of hip fracture 2016 268 110
Osteoporosis drug effects on cortical and trabecular bone microstructure: a review of HR-pQCT analyses 2016 170 80
Romosozumab Treatment in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis 2016 366 726
Low Lean Mass Predicts Incident Fractures Independently From FRAX: a Prospective Cohort Study of Recent Retirees 2016 371 7
Periostin action in bone 2016 223 0
Le traitement séquentiel présente des avantages 2016 209 1
The role of biochemical of bone turnover markers in osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease: a consensus paper of the Belgian Bone Club 2016 294 0
Influence of Fatigue Loading and Bone Turnover on Bone Strength and Pattern of Experimental Fractures of the Tibia in Mice 2016 345 2
Mechanisms in Endrocrinology: Mechanisms and evaluation of bone fragility in type 1 diabetes mellitus 2016 255 1
Periostin expression contributes to cortical bone loss during unloading 2015 341 0
Further reductions in nonvertebral fracture rate with long-term denosumab treatment in the FREEDOM open-label extension and influence of hip bone mineral density after 3 years 2015 298 0
Myostatin antibody (LY2495655) in older weak fallers: a proof-of-concept, randomised, phase 2 trial 2015 326 0
Taxonomy of rare genetic metabolic bone disorders 2015 335 0
Additive Genetic Effects on Circulating Periostin Contribute to the Heritability of Bone Microstructure 2015 392 0
Prior ankle fractures in postmenopausal women are associated with low areal bone mineral density and bone microstructure alterations 2015 370 1
Sauvons l'ostéoporose 2015 306 1
Santé osseuse des retraités genevois 2015 323 2
Calcinose cutanée associée aux connectivites 2015 367 2
Gene–Diet Interactions on Bone 2015 322 1
Impaired Musculoskeletal Response to Age and Exercise in PPARβ −/− Diabetic Mice 2014 359 300
Future directions for new medical entities in osteoporosis 2014 309 0
Current challenges in the treatment of osteoporosis: an opportunity for bazedoxifene 2014 313 0
Tracking of Environmental Determinants of Bone Structure and Strength Development in Healthy Boys: An Eight-Year Follow Up Study on the Positive Interaction Between Physical Activity and Protein Intake From Prepuberty to Mid-Late Adolescence 2014 391 1
Osteocytic targets in the treatment of osteoporosis 2014 289 0
Association of LRP5 genotypes with osteoporosis in Tunisian post-menopausal women 2014 522 84
Goal-directed treatment of osteoporosis in Europe 2014 347 1
Novel Genetic Models of Osteoporosis by Overexpression of Human RANKL in Transgenic Mice 2014 424 0
The role of teriparatide in sequential and combination therapy of osteoporosis 2014 407 1
Fractures ostéoporotiques: pas seulement chez les femmes 2014 327 0
Diabète et ostéoporose 2013 292 1
Zoledronate Effects on Systemic and Jaw Osteopenias in Ovariectomized Periostin-Deficient Mice 2013 450 228
Effects of an Interleukin-15 Antagonist on Systemic and Skeletal Alterations in Mice with DSS-Induced Colitis 2013 331 0
Periostin Deficiency Increases Bone Damage and Impairs Injury Response to Fatigue Loading in Adult Mice 2013 401 227
Eliminating the need for fasting with oral administration of bisphosphonates 2013 403 241
Effect of a multifactorial fall-and-fracture risk assessment and management program on gait and balance performances and disability in hospitalized older adults: a controlled study 2013 389 133
Fracture history of healthy premenopausal women is associated with a reduction of cortical microstructural components at the distal radius 2013 369 0
Association of Circulating Sclerostin With Bone Mineral Mass, Microstructure, and Turnover Biochemical Markers in Healthy Elderly Men and Women 2013 407 0
Behandlung der Osteoporose mit Denosumab 2012 364 0
Postmenopausal osteoporosis treatment with antiresorptives: Effects of discontinuation or long-term continuation on bone turnover and fracture risk-a perspective 2012 371 0
Osteoporosis in young adults: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management 2012 437 153
Infections in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis treated with denosumab or placebo: coincidence or causal association? 2012 389 0
Improvement of bone strength with teriparatide: hip as well as spine? 2012 262 0
Fractures in Healthy Females Followed from Childhood to Early Adulthood Are Associated with Later Menarcheal Age and with Impaired Bone Microstructure at Peak Bone Mass 2012 417 0
Deletion of β-adrenergic receptor 1, 2, or both leads to different bone phenotypes and response to mechanical stimulation 2012 325 0
Peak bone mass and its regulation 2012 351 2
Regulation of beta catenin signaling and parathyroid hormone anabolic effects in bone by the matricellular protein periostin 2012 396 0
A botulinum toxin-derived targeted secretion inhibitor downregulates the GH/IGF1 axis 2012 421 0
Deficiency in the NADPH oxidase 4 predisposes towards diet-induced obesity 2012 411 5
Physical activity increases bone mineral density in children with type 1 diabetes 2012 412 0
Antidepressant medications and osteoporosis 2012 395 0
Denosumab and bisphosphonates: Different mechanisms of action and effects 2011 454 0
Traitement de l'ostéoporose par les agents biologiques 2011 302 0
Effect of music-based multitask training on gait, balance, and fall risk in elderly people: a randomized controlled trial 2011 423 2
Protéines et croissance osseuse 2011 361 1
Early post-transplantation hypophosphatemia is associated with elevated FGF-23 levels 2011 372 283
Prevention des chutes par une methode d'exercice en musique (rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze) 2011 458 1
Fractures during childhood and adolescence in healthy boys: relation with bone mass, microstructure, and strength 2011 396 245
Effects of long-term supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids on longitudinal changes in bone mass and microstructure in mice 2011 383 1
Pubertal timing and body mass index gain from birth to maturity in relation with femoral neck BMD and distal tibia microstructure in healthy female subjects 2011 391 201
Do RANKL inhibitors (denosumab) affect inflammation and immunity? 2011 339 173
Mechanisms inducing low bone density in duchenne muscular dystrophy in mice and humans 2011 371 0
Bisphosphonates in periodontitis: Friend or foe? 2011 503 0
Longitudinal change in hip fracture incidence after starting risedronate or raloxifene: an observational study 2011 362 86
Development of a new ELISA for serum periostin: evaluation of growth-related changes and bisphosphonate treatment in mice 2010 431 0
An integration of genome-wide association study and gene expression profiling to prioritize the discovery of novel susceptibility Loci for osteoporosis-related traits 2010 819 233
Pathophysiology of postmenopausal osteoporosis 2010 282 0
Decreased bone turnover in children and adolescents with well controlled type 1 diabetes 2010 400 2
Age de la ménarche et risque d'ostéoporose au cours de la vie adulte 2010 346 0
Exercise and the skeleton: How it works and what it really does 2010 540 718
Ostéoporose: du diagnostic ostéodensitométrique à l'évaluation du risque absolu de fracture 2010 401 3
Are osteoclasts needed for the bone anabolic response to parathyroid hormone? A study of intermittent parathyroid hormone with denosumab or alendronate in knock-in mice expressing humanized RANKL 2010 502 0
Comparing and contrasting the effects of strontium ranelate and other osteoporosis drugs on microarchitecture 2010 373 96
Inhibition of T cell-dependent and RANKL-dependent osteoclastogenic processes associated with high levels of bone mass in interleukin-15 receptor-deficient mice 2010 314 0
Neuropeptide Y knockout mice reveal a central role of NPY in the coordination of bone mass to body weight 2009 427 323
Beta-arrestin2 regulates parathyroid hormone effects on a p38 MAPK and NFkappaB gene expression network in osteoblasts 2009 366 522
Differentiation of osteoporotic and neoplastic vertebral fractures by chemical shift {in-phase and out-of phase} MR imaging 2009 396 0
Beta-Arrestin2 regulates RANKL and ephrins gene expression in response to bone remodeling in mice 2009 354 0
Continuous broad protection against osteoporotic fractures with strontium ranelate 2009 365 1
The influence of pubertal timing on bone mass acquisition: a predetermined trajectory detectable five years before menarche 2009 385 1
β-Arrestin-biased parathyroid hormone ligands: A new approach to the development of agents that stimulate bone formation 2009 357 0
Deleterious effect of late menarche on distal tibia microstructure in healthy 20-year-old and premenopausal middle-aged women 2009 392 0
Mice lacking beta-adrenergic receptors have increased bone mass but are not protected from deleterious skeletal effects of ovariectomy 2009 380 0
Osteoporosis management: a perspective based on bisphosphonate data from randomised clinical trials and observational databases 2009 351 1
The matricellular protein periostin is required for sost inhibition and the anabolic response to mechanical loading and physical activity 2009 383 1
Genomewide Association Studies in Osteoporosis: Have We Reached the Bottom of the Ocean or the Tip of the Iceberg? 2008 374 0
Secondary prevention of osteoporotic fractures: why not apply the evidence? 2008 337 2
Site specificity of fracture prediction in children 2008 322 0
High-protein intake enhances the positive impact of physical activity on BMC in prepubertal boys 2008 379 0
Influence of age at menarche on forearm bone microstructure in healthy young women 2008 423 0
Large-scale analysis of association between LRP5 and LRP6 variants and osteoporosis 2008 357 3
Caloric restriction decreases cortical bone mass but spares trabecular bone in the mouse skeleton: implications for the regulation of bone mass by body weight 2008 374 0
PPARG by dietary fat interaction influences bone mass in mice and humans 2008 376 0
Adrenergic control of bone remodeling and its implications for the treatment of osteoporosis 2008 350 1
Leptin and the sympathetic connection of fat to bone 2008 359 0
Contribution of gender-specific genetic factors to osteoporosis risk 2008 318 1
Human genetics of osteoporosis 2008 386 1
LRP5 gene polymorphisms and idiopathic osteoporosis in men 2005 353 0
Pathogenic mutations and polymorphisms in the lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 reveal a new biological pathway for the control of bone mass 2005 360 0
beta-Arrestin2, interacting with phosphodiesterase 4, regulates synaptic release probability and presynaptic inhibition by opioids 2005 349 0
Polymorphisms in the low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 (LRP5) gene are associated with variation in vertebral bone mass, vertebral bone size, and stature in whites 2004 356 0
Parathyroid hormone-related protein increases cAMP production in mammary epithelial cells 1993 375 0
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