Dibner, Charna

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Identification of Differential Transcriptional Patterns in Primary and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism 2018 12 1
Body clocks: Time for the Nobel Prize 2018 16 3
Pancreatic α- and β-cellular clocks have distinct molecular properties and impact on islet hormone secretion and gene expression 2017 33 0
Lipidomics reveals diurnal lipid oscillations in human skeletal muscle persisting in cellular myotubes cultured in vitro 2017 52 0
The search for preoperative biomarkers for thyroid carcinoma: application of the thyroid circadian clock properties 2017 64 1
Identification of CHEK1, SLC26A4, c-KIT, TPO and TG as new biomarkers for human follicular thyroid carcinoma 2016 103 28
Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) and pomegranate influence circadian gene expression and period length 2016 71 46
A functional circadian clock is required for proper insulin secretion by human pancreatic islet cells 2016 171 0
Parallel Measurement of Circadian Clock Gene Expression and Hormone Secretion in Human Primary Cell Cultures 2016 26 0
A pancreatic clock times insulin release 2015 142 2
Human skeletal myotubes display a cell-autonomous circadian clock implicated in basal myokine secretion 2015 43 0
Human peripheral clocks: applications for studying circadian phenotypes in physiology and pathophysiology 2015 164 440
Circadian timing of metabolism in animal models and humans 2015 220 150
Identification of new biomarkers for human papillary thyroid carcinoma employing NanoString analysis 2015 205 198
Thyroid Circadian Timing: Roles in Physiology and Thyroid Malignancies 2015 182 0
Roles of human peripheral circadian system in metabolic diseases and cancer 2014 269 8
Biological rhythms and preeclampsia 2013 259 200
Circadian clock characteristics are altered in human thyroid malignant nodules 2013 219 1
Autonomous and self-sustained circadian oscillators displayed in human islet cells 2013 242 6
Implications cliniques du cycle circadien de la pression artérielle 2012 140 0
Glucagon gene expression in the endocrine pancreas: the role of the transcription factor Pax6 in α-cell differentiation, glucagon biosynthesis and secretion 2011 143 0
The circadian clock starts ticking at a developmentally early stage 2010 130 0
Xenopus Meis3 protein lies at a nexus downstream to Zic1 and Pax3 proteins, regulating multiple cell-fates during early nervous system development 2010 137 0
The mammalian circadian timing system: organization and coordination of central and peripheral clocks 2010 304 3
A software solution for recording circadian oscillator features in time-lapse live cell microscopy 2010 208 1
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