Grazioli, Serge

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Case report: case series of children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome following SARS-CoV-2 infection in Switzerland 2021 17 9
Immunological assessment of pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome related to COVID-19 2021 99 2
Beware of Too Aggressive Approach in Children With Acute Abdomen During COVID-19 Outbreak! 2020 31 6
Human deoxyribonuclease (rhDNase) nebulization as an alternative treatment for refractory plastic bronchitis after fontan surgery 2020 160 1
Prognostic factors associated with mortality risk and disease progression in 639 critically ill patients with COVID-19 in Europe: Initial report of the international RISC-19-ICU prospective observational cohort 2020 37 15
Effects of ABO matching of platelet transfusions in critically ill children 2019 77 0
Mitochondrial alarmins are tissue mediators of ventilator-induced lung injury and ARDS. 2019 98 36
An ultra-fast mechanically active cell culture substrate 2018 435 144
Mitochondrial Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns: From Inflammatory Signaling to Human Diseases 2018 410 152
New Generation Neonatal High Frequency Ventilators: Effect of Oscillatory Frequency and Working Principles on Performance 2015 497 3
Optimizing patient-ventilator synchrony during invasive ventilator assist in children and infants remains a difficult task 2013 542 1
Patient-ventilator asynchrony during noninvasive pressure support ventilation and neurally adjusted ventilatory assist in infants and children 2013 541 1
Rôle de l'ultrason anténatal et postnatal dans l'évaluation du risque de reflux vésico-urétéral 2011 709 662
Antenatal and postnatal ultrasound in the evaluation of the risk of vesicoureteral reflux 2010 510 173
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