Lobrinus, Johannes Alexander

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Impact of intravascular thrombosis on failure of radial arterial catheters in critically ill patients: a nested case-control study 2018 89 1
Antigenic expression and spontaneous immune responses support the use of a selected peptide set from the IMA950 glioblastoma vaccine for immunotherapy of grade II and III glioma 2018 144 37
A 64-Year-Old Woman with Chest Pain, Limb Weakness, and Endometrial Cancer 2017 118 1
Rapidly Growing Pulmonary Metastasis from Anaplastic Meningioma with Lethal Outcome: A Case Report 2017 126 17
SERPINI1 pathogenic variants: An emerging cause of childhood-onset progressive myoclonic epilepsy 2017 111 2
L’interniste face aux maladies rares : quand y penser ? L’exemple des maladies mitochondriales 2017 94 0
BRAF/MEK double blockade in refractory anaplastic pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma 2017 130 28
Disseminated alveolar echinococcosis resembling metastatic malignancy: a case report 2017 133 36
Sudden cardiac death and sarcoidosis of the heart in a young patient 2017 123 0
A Vascular Malformation Invading the Medial Plantar Nerve 2016 92 0
Fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage following ischemia in vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia 2016 153 40
Deep brain stimulation-associated brain tissue imprints: a new in vivo approach to biological research in human Parkinson's disease 2016 165 54
Fatal giant cell arteritis of small to medium-sized visceral arteries: atypical manifestation or new entity? 2015 230 0
Disseminated rhinovirus C8 infection with infectious virus in blood and fatal outcome in a child with repeated episodes of bronchiolitis 2015 245 0
An extraordinary case of an intracranial foreign body after a gunshot to the head 2015 234 3
Fatal Cervical Spine Injury From Diving Accident 2015 159 0
Dysferlinopathy in Switzerland: clinical phenotypes and potential founder effects 2015 155 5
Solitary Neurofibroma Of The Spermatic Cord: A Case Report 2015 167 0
Different degrees of ischaemic injury in the right and left ventricle in cases of severe, nonfatal, pulmonary embolism 2015 214 0
Cardioinhibitory reflex due to a karate kick: a case report 2015 150 0
Serpine2/PN-1 Is Required for Proliferative Expansion of Pre-Neoplastic Lesions and Malignant Progression to Medulloblastoma 2015 127 253
Assessing dystrophies and other muscle diseases at the nanometer scale by atomic force microscopy 2014 207 0
Isolated cerebral metastasis of a triceps muscle leiomyosarcoma: a case report 2014 182 0
Acute aortic dissection with carotid and coronary malperfusion: from imaging to pathology 2014 245 2
Complementary X-ray tomography techniques for histology-validated 3D imaging of soft and hard tissues using plaque-containing blood vessels as examples 2014 250 0
Ketoacidosis and adrenocortical insufficiency 2014 244 0
Proteomic analysis of human substantia nigra identifies novel candidates involved in Parkinson's disease pathogenesis 2014 264 5
The relationship between brain tumor cell invasion of engineered neural tissues and in vivo features of glioblastoma 2013 287 5
A carcinoma showing thymus-like elements of the thyroid arising in close association with solid cell nests: evidence for a precursor lesion? 2013 257 1
Primary pulmonary malignant meningioma with lymph node and liver metastasis in a centenary woman, an autopsy case 2013 582 5
Detection of coronary thrombosis after multi-phase postmortem CT-angiography 2013 284 0
Functional and histopathological identification of the respiratory failure in a DMSXL transgenic mouse model of myotonic dystrophy 2013 241 0
Unconsciousness and sedation as precipitating factors of diabetic ketoacidosis 2013 322 0
Transplanted human pancreatic islets after long-term insulin independence 2013 220 1
Proteomic profiling of the substantia nigra demonstrates CNDP2 overexpression in Parkinson's disease 2012 292 2
Severe mitral valve regurgitation in polymyositis 2012 208 1
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease revealed by a logopenic variant of primary progressive aphasia 2012 280 0
Schwannoma of the palmar cutaneous nerve: electrodiagnosis with radiologic and pathologic correlations 2012 251 0
Eosinophilic infiltration related to CAPN3 mutations: a pathophysiological component of primary calpainopathy? 2011 235 0
Successful heart and liver transplantation in a Swiss patient with Glu89Lys transthyretin amyloidosis 2011 233 1
Primary leptomeningeal melanocytosis in a 10-year-old girl: a challenging diagnosis with a poor prognosis 2011 224 0
Marked hemiatrophy in carriers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy 2010 256 0
Chemotherapy is successful in sporadic late onset nemaline myopathy (SLONM) with monoclonal gammopathy 2010 289 0
Giant plexiform neurofibroma in neurofibromatosis type 1 2010 266 1
Glioblastoma with signet-ring morphology 2010 257 1
Acute disseminated fatal toxoplasmosis after haploidentical stem cell transplantation despite atovaquone prophylaxis in a young man 2010 273 0
Disseminated tuberculosis presenting with polymorphonuclear effusion and septic shock in an HIV-seropositive patient: a case report 2010 273 949
Confirmation that abnormal desmin accumulation and migration are due to a desmin gene mutation in a familial cardiomyopathy and distal myopathy 2009 172 0
Development of human nervous tissue upon differentiation of embryonic stem cells in three-dimensional culture 2009 297 5
MRI neurography and diffusion tensor imaging of a sciatic perineuroma in a child 2008 294 7
Cervical Paget disease of bone with spinal cord compression due to atlanto-axial instability: a case report and review of the literature 2008 261 3
Expression and function of junctional adhesion molecule-C in myelinated peripheral nerves 2007 260 0
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