Gex-Fabry, Marianne

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Screening for bipolar disorder in adolescents with the Mood Disorder Questionnaire - Adolescent version (MDQ-A) and the Child Bipolar Questionnaire (CBQ) 2013 928 0
A multiparameter panel method for outcome prediction following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage 2010 814 130
Depression relapse prophylaxis with Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Replication and extension in the Swiss health care system 2010 542 4
Influence of CYP2D6 activity on pre-emptive analgesia by the N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist dextromethorphan in a randomized controlled trial of acute pain 2013 527 533
Cognitive Functioning in Patients Remitted from Recurrent Depression: Comparison with Acutely Depressed Patients and Controls and Follow-up of a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Trial 2013 523 139
Mental and physical health of Kosovar Albanians in their place of origin: a post-war 6-year follow-up study 2011 518 131
Influence of ABCB1 gene polymorphisms and P-glycoprotein activity on cyclosporine pharmacokinetics in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in healthy volunteers 2008 505 0
Methylation of NR3C1 is related to maternal PTSD, parenting stress and maternal medial prefrontal cortical activity in response to child separation among mothers with histories of violence exposure 2015 503 335
Affective Temperaments in Alcohol and Opiate Addictions 2013 478 105
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder: a feasibility trial 2010 468 2
Model-based analysis of Gd-BOPTA-induced MR signal intensity changes in cirrhotic rat livers 2007 465 184
CYP2D6 and ABCB1 genetic variability: influence on paroxetine plasma level and therapeutic response 2008 465 1
Salivary cortisol profiles in patients remitted from recurrent depression: one-year follow-up of a mindfulness-based cognitive therapy trial 2012 465 4
Attitudes toward psychopharmacology among hospitalized patients from diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds 2008 462 224
The cortisol awakening response in patients remitted from depression 2010 459 0
Clinical and genetic correlates of suicidal ideation during antidepressant treatment in a depressed outpatient sample 2011 457 0
Cognitive and emotional associations to positive schizotypy during adolescence 2009 454 7
Drug-induced long QT in adult psychiatric inpatients: the 5-year cross-sectional ECG Screening Outcome in Psychiatry study 2013 453 1
Steady-state concentration of venlafaxine enantiomers: model-based analysis of between-patient variability 2002 447 0
Performance of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) according to bipolar subtype and symptom severity 2009 441 0
Subjective Experience of Thought Overactivation in Mood Disorders: Beyond Racing and Crowded Thoughts 2014 441 3
Early telephone intervention for psychiatric outpatients starting antidepressant treatment 2010 431 0
Liver kidney microsomal type 1 antibodies reduce the CYP2D6 activity in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection 2012 431 1
Temporal perception in velo-cardio-facial syndrome 2005 429 2
Self-Reported Long-Term Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Patients with Bipolar Disorder 2017 429 5
Self-rated residual symptoms do not predict 1-year recurrence of depression 2010 428 0
Self- and clinician-rated Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale: evaluation in clinical practice 2010 428 0
Screening for genotypic and phenotypic variations in CYP450 activity in patients with therapeutic problems in a psychiatric setting, a retrospective study 2017 424 68
Optimized release of dexamethasone and gentamicin from a soluble ocular insert for the treatment of external ophthalmic infections 1998 419 0
Ubiquitin fusion degradation protein 1 as a blood marker for the early diagnosis of ischemic stroke 2007 415 0
Development of validated stereoselective methods for methadone determination in clinical samples 1999 412 0
Bicultural identity among economical migrants from three south European countries living in Switzerland. Adaptation and validation of a new psychometric instrument 2007 410 750
Screening for bipolar disorder among outpatients with substance use disorders 2013 410 0
Increased Reward-Related Behaviors during Sleep and Wakefulness in Sleepwalking and Idiopathic Nightmares 2015 391 167
Gd-BOPTA transport into rat hepatocytes: pharmacokinetic analysis of dynamic magnetic resonance images using a hollow-fiber bioreactor 2004 386 301
Intraocular penetration of penciclovir after oral administration of famciclovir: a population pharmacokinetic model 2013 386 0
Long-term impact of the life goals group therapy program for bipolar patients 2012 385 0
Is there a place for tricyclic antidepressants and subsequent augmentation strategies in obtaining remission for patients with treatment resistant depression? 2009 382 0
A brief motivational intervention based on positive experience and temporaty smoking abstinence: Feasibility in a psychiatric hospital 2012 381 1
A shared HLA-DRB1 epitope in the DR beta first domain is associated with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome in Indian patients 2010 371 0
Frequency of dysphoria and mixed states 2008 368 1
Time course of clinical response to venlafaxine: relevance of plasma level and chirality 2004 364 94
Quantification of Gd-BOPTA uptake and biliary excretion from dynamic magnetic resonance imaging in rat livers: model validation with 153Gd-BOPTA. 2005 361 113
Maternal PTSD and corresponding neural activity mediate effects of child exposure to violence on child PTSD symptoms 2017 340 136
Evaluation of chemical contamination of surfaces during the preparation of chemotherapies in 24 hospital pharmacies 2015 339 0
Structural and functional brain development after hydrocortisone treatment for neonatal chronic lung disease 2005 330 0
Group Psychoeducation for Relatives of Persons With Bipolar Disorder: Perceived Benefits for Participants and Patients 2015 322 2
How do maternal PTSD and alexithymia interact to impact maternal behavior? 2015 318 1
Electrocardiographic Screening for Prolonged QT Interval to Reduce Sudden Cardiac Death in Psychiatric Patients: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 2015 308 136
A novel water-soluble cyclosporine A prodrug: ocular tolerance and in vivo kinetics 2005 307 1
A Short Motivational Program Based on Temporary Smoking Abstinence: Towards Increased Self-Efficacy to Quit in Psychiatric Inpatients 2016 296 196
Long-term mental health outcome in post-conflict settings: Similarities and differences between Kosovo and Rwanda 2015 289 0
Presentation of the HoNOS-Secure French Version, an Outcome Measure for Users of Secure and Forensic Mental Health Services 2015 288 0
Determinants of Suicidality and of Treatment Modalities in a Community Psychiatry Sample of Asylum Seekers 2017 281 3
Soins psychiatriques pour les requérants d’asile à Genève: une approche multidisciplinaire pour préserver la singularité des soins 2013 277 2
Staff representations and tobacco-related practices in a psychiatric hospital with an indoor smoking ban 2014 275 0
Drug-induced long QT syndrome in injection drug users receiving methadone: high frequency in hospitalized patients and risk factors 2006 242 128
Efficacy and Safety of a Rapid Intravenous Injection of Ketamine 0.5 mg/kg in Treatment-Resistant Major Depression: An Open 4-Week Longitudinal Study 2018 208 98
Phenotypic Assessment of Drug Metabolic Pathways and P-Glycoprotein in Patients Treated With Antidepressants in an Ambulatory Setting 2018 199 0
Developmental delay in communication among toddlers and its relationship to caregiving behavior among violence-exposed, posttraumatically stressed mothers 2018 62 0
Tobacco craving and withdrawal symptoms in psychiatric patients during a motivational enhancement intervention based on a 26-hour smoking abstinence period 2019 47 20
Self-efficacy for smoking cessation vs. temporary abstinence: two aspects of a complex process 2020 16 3
Subjective Distress Associated with Adult ADHD: evaluation of a new self-report 2018 9 0
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