Pektok, Erman

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Biodegradable ring annuloplasty for valve repair in children with endocarditis 2012 258 0
Dynamic human cadaver model for testing the feasibility of new endovascular techniques and tools 2010 287 2
Midterm results of valve repair with a biodegradable annuloplasty ring for acute endocarditis 2010 259 0
Biodegradable ring annuloplasty for acute endocarditis 2010 227 0
Alcohol pretreatment of small-diameter expanded polytetrafluoroethylene grafts: quantitative analysis of graft healing characteristics in the rat abdominal aorta interposition model 2009 258 0
Paclitaxel-eluting biodegradable synthetic vascular prostheses: a step towards reduction of neointima formation? 2009 274 1
Beating heart mitral valve surgery: how to test mitral valve competence after repair? 2009 238 0
Papillary fibroelastoma of the left atrial wall: a case report 2009 264 786
Factorial design optimization and in vivo feasibility of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-micro- and nanofiber-based small diameter vascular grafts 2009 273 0
Submitral left ventricular aneurysm: a rare but challenging pathology to treat 2008 237 1
Pediatric mitral valve repair with the novel annuloplasty ring: Kalangos-Bioring 2008 236 1
Matching the diameter of ePTFE bypass prosthesis with a native artery improves neoendothelialization 2008 284 0
Degradation and healing characteristics of small-diameter poly(epsilon-caprolactone) vascular grafts in the rat systemic arterial circulation 2008 214 6
Does harvesting of an internal thoracic artery with an ultrasonic scalpel have an effect on sternal perfusion? 2007 259 0
Initial clinical experience with a novel biodegradable ring in patients with functional tricuspid insufficiency: Kalangos Biodegradable Tricuspid Ring 2007 182 0
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