Parnaud, Géraldine

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Biosynthetic activity differs between islet cell types and in beta cells is modulated by glucose and not by secretion 2020 31 0
Engineering of primary pancreatic islet cell spheroids for three-dimensional culture or transplantation: a methodological comparative study 2020 168 86
NLRP3 inflammasome is activated in rat pancreatic islets by transplantation and hypoxia 2020 117 42
Shielding islets with human amniotic epithelial cells enhances islet engraftment and revascularization in a murine diabetes model 2020 95 23
LRH-1 agonism favours an immune-islet dialogue which protects against diabetes mellitus 2018 218 104
NLRP3 inflammasome is expressed and regulated in human islets 2018 274 125
Multicenter Assessment of Animal-free Collagenase AF-1 for Human Islet Isolation 2017 270 98
Asymmetrical distribution of δ and PP cells in human pancreatic islets 2016 340 0
Cell rearrangement in transplanted human islets 2016 423 0
Enhancement of islet engraftment and achievement of long-term islet allograft survival by Toll-like receptor 4 blockade 2015 533 5
Cadherin Engagement Improves Insulin Secretion of Single Human β-Cells 2015 488 1
Survival of free and encapsulated human and rat islet xenografts transplanted into the mouse bone marrow 2014 542 207
Quantification of islet loss and graft functionality during immune rejection by 3-tesla MRI in a rat model 2013 476 0
Comparative impact on islet isolation and transplant outcome of the preservation solutions Institut Georges Lopez-1, University of Wisconsin, and Celsior 2012 569 1
Influence of donor age on islet isolation and transplantation outcome 2011 478 0
Rapamycin impairs proliferation of transplanted islet β cells 2011 432 1
Cadherin engagement protects human β-cells from apoptosis 2011 505 280
Impact of the number of infusions on 2-year results of islet-after-kidney transplantation in the GRAGIL network 2011 435 2
Assessment of human islet labeling with clinical grade iron nanoparticles prior to transplantation for graft monitoring by MRI 2010 506 1
Unique arrangement of alpha- and beta-cells in human islets of Langerhans 2010 487 1
Meta-analysis of gene expression in human pancreatic islets after in vitro expansion 2009 578 22
Signaling pathways implicated in the stimulation of beta-cell proliferation by extracellular matrix 2009 383 0
Regulated laminin-332 expression in human islets of Langerhans 2009 515 1
Proliferation of sorted human and rat beta cells 2008 516 99
Increased interleukin (IL)-1beta messenger ribonucleic acid expression in beta -cells of individuals with type 2 diabetes and regulation of IL-1beta in human islets by glucose and autostimulation 2008 429 232
Computer-assisted digital image analysis to quantify the mass and purity of isolated human islets before transplantation 2008 417 3
Rab GTPase-activating protein AS160 is a major downstream effector of protein kinase B/Akt signaling in pancreatic beta-cells 2008 431 0
Blockade of beta1 integrin-laminin-5 interaction affects spreading and insulin secretion of rat beta-cells attached on extracellular matrix 2006 443 0
Inhibition of calpain blocks pancreatic beta-cell spreading and insulin secretion 2005 434 134
Activation of NF-kappaB by extracellular matrix is involved in spreading and glucose-stimulated insulin secretion of pancreatic beta cells 2005 336 123
Extracellular matrix protects pancreatic beta-cells against apoptosis: role of short- and long-term signaling pathways 2004 443 514
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