Wipfli, Rolf

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Gesture-Controlled Image Management for Operating Room: A Randomized Crossover Study to Compare Interaction Using Gestures, Mouse, and Third Person Relaying 2016 80 18
How Regrouping Alerts in Computerized Physician Order Entry Layout Influences Physicians' Prescription Behavior: Results of a Crossover Randomized Trial 2016 73 19
Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of eHealth Tools for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease 2015 137 1
Use of eye-tracking technology in clinical reasoning: a systematic review 2015 227 154
Online Pharmaceutical Care Provision: Full-Implementation of an eHealth Service Using Design Science Research 2015 192 58
Reshaping the laboratory results presentation layer: three interfaces for handheld devices 2015 163 30
Physician handoffs: opportunities and limitations for supportive technologies 2015 70 0
Assisted knowledge discovery for the maintenance of clinical guidelines 2013 259 131
Serious Gaming: un environnement de jeu pour améliorer la mobilité des personnes âgées 2013 85 0
User acquaintance with mobile interfaces 2013 250 0
Challenges in the Implementation of a Mobile Application in Clinical Practice: Case Study in the Context of an Application that Manages the Daily Interventions of Nurses 2013 331 339
Évaluation d’une interface centrée activité pour la gestion des alertes médicales dans un système de prescription informatisée 2013 38 8
INCA - Individual Nomad Clinical Assistant - supporting nurses with mobile devices 2012 198 0
Decision making in dynamic work situations: building a framework for medical alerts in computerized drug prescription 2012 548 1021
A Qualitative Analysis of Prescription Activity and Alert Usage in a Computerized Physician Order Entry System 2011 347 184
Alerts in clinical information systems: building frameworks and prototypes 2010 277 168
Sequential display of diagrams: how does it affect exploration and memorization ? 2008 314 300
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