Vinh Hung, Vincent

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PET/MR in Breast Cancer 2015 343 0
Diagnostic and prognostic correlates of preoperative FDG PET for breast cancer 2012 356 77
Risk, characteristics, and prognosis of breast cancer after Hodgkin's lymphoma 2012 445 421
Innovations dans le traitement locorégional du cancer du sein 2010 330 0
Loco-regional treatment in metastatic breast cancer patients: is there a survival benefit? 2010 374 0
Excess of cardiovascular mortality among node-negative breast cancer patients irradiated for inner-quadrant tumors 2010 325 0
Age and axillary lymph node ratio in postmenopausal women with T1-T2 node positive breast cancer 2010 388 0
Local-regional radiotherapy and surgery is associated with a significant survival advantage in metastatic breast cancer patients 2010 296 0
Image-guided marker placement in liver tumors for stereotactic radiotherapy: technique and safety 2010 262 0
Molecular biology of breast cancer stem cells: potential clinical applications 2010 363 0
Importance of age as a prognostic factor for tonsillar carcinoma 2010 378 0
Human papillomavirus-associated oropharyngeal cancer: a new clinical entity 2010 284 0
Effectiveness of image-guided radiotherapy for laryngeal sparing in head and neck cancer 2010 385 0
Management of skin reactions during radiotherapy in Flanders (Belgium): a study of nursing practice before and after the introduction of a skin care protocol 2010 423 0
Toxicity and outcome results of a class solution with moderately hypofractionated radiotherapy in inoperable Stage III non-small cell lung cancer using helical tomotherapy 2010 358 0
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