Ochoa, Carlos

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Snakebite: innovative geospatial approaches to epidemiology, risk, vulnerability, and healthcare accessibility for burden reduction in the Terai region of Nepal 2022 61 17
Estimating and predicting snakebite risk in the Terai region of Nepal through a high-resolution geospatial and One Health approach 2021 86 58
Assessment of the effect of snakebite on health and socioeconomic factors using a One Health perspective in the Terai region of Nepal: a cross-sectional study 2022 106 81
Vulnerability to snakebite envenoming and access to healthcare in the Terai region of Nepal: A geospatial analysis 2023 112 37
Snakebite epidemiology in humans and domestic animals across the Terai region in Nepal: a multicluster random survey 2022 122 61
What is the impact of snakebite envenoming on domestic animals? A nation-wide community-based study in Nepal and Cameroon 2021 126 130
Can Big Data Be Used to Monitor the Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19? 2021 134 290
Novel transdisciplinary methodology for cross-sectional analysis of snakebite epidemiology at national scale 2021 189 60
Assessing the Increase of Snakebite Incidence in Relationship to Flooding Events 2020 254 207
Le fardeau des morsures de serpent sous l'angle One Health : Première étude communautaire nationale évaluant l'impact des morsures de serpent sur les animaux d'élevage et les moyens de subsistance au Cameroun et au Népal 2019 290 60
Impact of snakebite on livestock and livelihood: a neglected issue? 2019 315 5
Snakebite and its impact in rural communities: The need for a One Health approach 2019 333 108
Snakebite epidemiology and health-seeking behavior in Akonolinga health district, Cameroon: Cross-sectional study 2020 362 107
Snake-byte: first national epidemiological study on snakebite shows high annual incidences in Nepal and Cameroon 2019 785 193
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