Rohner-Jeanrenaud, Françoise

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Variable oxytocin levels in humans with different degrees of obesity and impact of gastric bypass surgery 2018 164 0
A Stat6/Pten Axis Links Regulatory T Cells with Adipose Tissue Function 2017 238 1
Inhibitory role of oxytocin on TNFα expression assessed in vitro and in vivo 2017 241 0
Preserving of Postnatal Leptin Signaling in Obesity-Resistant Lou/C Rats following a Perinatal High-Fat Diet 2016 269 114
Leptin as a Potential Regulator of FGF21 2016 316 133
Uroguanylin action in the brain reduces weight gain in obese mice via different efferent autonomic pathways 2016 337 768
The K+ channel TASK1 modulates β-adrenergic response in brown adipose tissue through the mineralocorticoid receptor pathway 2016 320 271
Endocrine control of energy homeostasis 2015 326 225
Ketogenic Diet Impairs FGF21 Signaling and Promotes Differential Inflammatory Responses in the Liver and White Adipose Tissue 2015 399 146
Erratum to "Adipokines at the crossroad between obesity and cardiovascular disease" (Thromb Haemost 2015; 113: 553-566) 2015 388 132
Hepatic PTEN deficiency improves muscle insulin sensitivity and decreases adiposity in mice 2015 530 331
Effets métaboliques de l’ocytocine et ses applications potentielles pour le traitement de l’obésité 2015 541 154
Adipokines at the crossroad between obesity and cardiovascular disease 2015 404 3
Brown adipose tissue activity as a target for the treatment of obesity/insulin resistance 2015 415 472
Chronic Oxytocin Administration as a Treatment Against Impaired Leptin Signaling or Leptin Resistance in Obesity 2015 288 173
Ectopic UCP1 Overexpression in White Adipose Tissue Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Lou/C Rats, a Model of Obesity Resistance 2015 348 160
Divergent Effects of Oxytocin Treatment of Obese Diabetic Mice on Adiposity and Diabetes 2014 741 3
Concomitant alpha7 and beta2 nicotinic AChR subunit deficiency leads to impaired energy homeostasis and increased physical activity in mice 2014 444 282
Improved leptin sensitivity as a potential candidate responsible for the spontaneous food restriction of the lou/c rat 2013 488 204
A Role for Adipose Tissue De Novo Lipogenesis in Glucose Homeostasis During Catch-up Growth: A Randle Cycle Favoring Fat Storage 2013 380 2
Central Melanin-Concentrating Hormone Influences Liver and Adipose Metabolism Via Specific Hypothalamic Nuclei and Efferent Autonomic/JNK1 Pathways 2013 429 0
Hyperglycemia downregulates Connexin36 in pancreatic islets via the upregulation of ICER-1/ICER-1γ 2013 300 216
Chronic mTOR inhibition by rapamycin induces muscle insulin resistance despite weight loss in rats 2012 458 0
The HPA axis modulates the CNS melanocortin control of liver triacylglyceride metabolism 2012 438 0
Central glucocorticoid administration promotes weight gain and increased 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 expression in white adipose tissue 2012 438 230
Direct control of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis by central nervous system glucagon-like Peptide-1 receptor signaling 2012 334 0
mTor Inhibitors in chronic liver diseases and cancer 2012 295 0
Mechanisms of the anti-obesity effects of oxytocin in diet-induced obese rats 2011 441 313
Alterations in lipid metabolism and thermogenesis with emergence of brown adipocytes in white adipose tissue in diet-induced obesity-resistant Lou/C rats 2011 416 0
Systemic ghrelin and reward: effect of cholinergic blockade 2011 381 1
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor deficiency leads to age-dependent impairment of glucose homeostasis in mice 2010 400 0
Evidence against a direct role of klotho in insulin resistance 2010 441 94
Peripheral ghrelin enhances sweet taste food consumption and preference, regardless of its caloric content 2010 398 0
The Lou/C rat: a model of spontaneous food restriction associated with improved insulin sensitivity and decreased lipid storage in adipose tissue 2009 380 1
Direct control of peripheral lipid deposition by CNS GLP-1 receptor signaling is mediated by the sympathetic nervous system and blunted in diet-induced obesity 2009 404 0
Uncoupling protein-3 as a molecular determinant of the action of 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine on energy metabolism 2009 322 98
The endocannabinoid system and the control of glucose homeostasis 2008 409 0
Dietary phytoestrogens activate AMP-activated protein kinase with improvement in lipid and glucose metabolism 2008 441 2
Effects of leptin on energy metabolism in beta-less mice 2008 352 0
PTEN down-regulation by unsaturated fatty acids triggers hepatic steatosis via an NF-kappaBp65/mTOR-dependent mechanism 2008 402 642
DHEA induces 11 -HSD2 by acting on CCAAT/enhancer-binding proteins 2008 374 0
Peripheral, but not central, CB1 antagonism provides food intake-independent metabolic benefits in diet-induced obese rats 2008 405 0
Central nervous system regulation of adipocyte metabolism 2008 380 0
A phytoestrogen-rich diet increases energy expenditure and decreases adiposity in mice 2007 441 1
Insulinemia and leptinemia in geriatric patients: markers of the metabolic syndrome or of undernutrition? 2006 322 0
Chronic central neuropeptide Y infusion in normal rats: status of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis, and vagal mediation of hyperinsulinaemia 1997 467 80
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