Lorton, Orane

Title Year Hits Downloads
Ultrasound-driven cardiac MRI. 2020 141 0
Self-Scanned HIFU Ablation of Moving Tissue Using Real-Time Hybrid US-MR Imaging 2019 226 6
PFOB sonosensitive microdroplets: determining their interaction radii with focused ultrasound using MR thermometry and a Gaussian convolution kernel computation 2022 17 6
Perfluorocarbon Emulsion Contrast Agents: A Mini Review 2021 19 4
Molecular oxygen loading in candidate theranostic droplets stabilized with biocompatible fluorinated surfactants: Particle size effect and application to in situ19F MRI mapping of oxygen partial pressure 2018 337 1
Mild hyperthermia by MR-guided focused ultrasound in an ex vivo model of osteolytic bone tumour: optimization of the spatio-temporal control of the delivered temperature 2019 187 69
Micron-sized PFOB liquid core droplets stabilized with tailored-made perfluorinated surfactants as a new class of endovascular sono-sensitizers for focused ultrasound thermotherapy 2019 17 6
Magnetic resonance-guided ultrasound hyperthermia for prostate cancer radiotherapy: an immobilization device embedding the ultrasound applicator 2022 18 4
Magnetic resonance imaging-guided lumbar nerve root infiltrations: optimization of an in-house protocol 2021 25 4
Enhancement of HIFU thermal therapy in perfused tissue models using micron-sized FTAC-stabilized PFOB-core endovascular sonosensitizers 2020 22 5
Combined hyperthermia and radiotherapy for prostate cancer: a systematic review 2022 22 3
A Novel Concept of a Phased-Array HIFU Transducer Optimized for MR-Guided Hepatic Ablation: Embodiment and First In-Vivo Studies 2022 24 5
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