Gauthier, Benoît

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Hepatic nuclear factor 1alpha (HNF1alpha) dysfunction down-regulates X-box-binding protein 1 (XBP1) and sensitizes beta-cells to endoplasmic reticulum stress 2011 371 0
In vivo conditional Pax4 overexpression in mature islet β-cells prevents stress-induced hyperglycemia in mice 2011 433 1454
The liver receptor homolog-1 (LRH-1) is expressed in human islets and protects {beta}-cells against stress-induced apoptosis 2011 436 1
Immunohistochemical assessment of Pax8 expression during pancreatic islet development and in human neuroendocrine tumors 2011 449 775
Cx36 makes channels coupling human pancreatic beta-cells, and correlates with insulin expression 2009 340 124
PDX1 deficiency causes mitochondrial dysfunction and defective insulin secretion through TFAM suppression 2009 380 0
A focus on the role of Pax4 in mature pancreatic islet beta-cell expansion and survival in health and disease 2008 356 0
The diabetes-linked transcription factor Pax4 is expressed in human pancreatic islets and is activated by mitogens and GLP-1 2008 405 0
Synaptotagmin VII splice variants alpha, beta, and delta are expressed in pancreatic beta-cells and regulate insulin exocytosis 2008 354 0
Synaptotagmins bind calcium to release insulin 2008 380 0
Pancreatic insulin content regulation by the estrogen receptor ER alpha 2008 520 413
A new conditional mouse mutant reveals specific expression and functions of connexin36 in neurons and pancreatic beta-cells 2008 412 4
The transcription factor PAX4 acts as a survival gene in INS-1E insulinoma cells 2007 392 0
Characterization of two distinct liver progenitor cell subpopulations of hematopoietic and hepatic origins 2006 430 272
Low concentration of interleukin-1beta induces FLICE-inhibitory protein-mediated beta-cell proliferation in human pancreatic islets 2006 374 513
MicroRNAs: 'ribo-regulators' of glucose homeostasis 2006 362 750
Micro-ARN: ribo-régulateurs de l'homéostasie du glucose 2006 399 160
The diabetes-linked transcription factor PAX4 promotes {beta}-cell proliferation and survival in rat and human islets 2004 349 544
Hepatic nuclear factor-3 (HNF-3 or Foxa2) regulates glucagon gene transcription by binding to the G1 and G2 promoter elements 2002 325 0
Foxa2 (HNF3beta) controls multiple genes implicated in metabolism-secretion coupling of glucose-induced insulin release 2002 319 139
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