Derchi, Giacomo

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Bacterial adhesion on direct and indirect dental restorative composite resins: An in vitro study on a natural biofilm 2017 277 0
A gene network bioinformatics analysis for pemphigoid autoimmune blistering diseases 2015 274 0
The Clinical Outcomes of Immediate Versus Delayed Restoration Procedures on Immediate Implants: A Comparative Cohort Study for Single-Tooth Replacement 2015 272 0
A randomized clinical trial to evaluate and compare implants placed in augmented versus non-augmented extraction sockets: 3-year results 2012 261 0
Extraction socket healing in humans after ridge preservation techniques: comparison between flapless and flapped procedures in a randomized clinical trial 2014 260 0
Minimally invasive prosthetic procedures in the rehabilitation of a bulimic patient affected by dental erosion 2015 259 4
Extra oral digital scanning and imaging superimposition for volume analysis of bone remodeling after tooth extraction with and without 2 types of particulate porcine mineral insertion: A randomized controlled trial 2017 252 0
A novel approach to treat gingival recession and non-caries cervical lesion combined defects: Restoration guided creeping attachment (RGCA) technique. A case report 2018 249 1
Trattamento delle erosioni dentali con tecniche adesive: provvisorizzazione immediata estetico-funzionale. Caso Clinico 2017 240 139
Surface roughness of commercial composites after different polishing protocols: an analysis with atomic force microscopy 2010 221 104
Effectiveness of nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste in reducing dentin hypersensitivity: a double-blind randomized controlled trial 2014 209 0
Reducing dentine hypersensitivity with nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste: a double-blind randomized controlled trial 2018 163 0
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