De Haller, Antoine

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Veins in clay-rich aquitards as records of deformation and fluid-flow events in northern Switzerland 2018 85 1
Pore-water evolution and solute-transport mechanisms in Opalinus Clay at Mont Terri and Mont Russelin (Canton Jura, Switzerland) 2017 93 31
Adapting the diffusive exchange method for stable isotope analysis of pore water to brine-saturated rocks 2016 95 0
Echantillonnage et pétrographie de roches collectées lors de missions scientifiques organisées dans le nord du Tchad 2016 107 18
Effingen Member in the Baulmes Quarry (near Orbe, Yverdon): Calcite-celestite veins as indicators of past fluid flow 2015 89 7
SF (Self sealing of fault and paleo-fluid flow): Synthesis report 2014 101 11
Benchmarking of the Isotope Diffusive Exchange Method Using Opalinus Clay and Queenston Shale Rocks Equilibrated with Synthetic Saline Solution 2014 84 7
Rock and porewater characterisation on drillcores from the Schlattingen borehole 2013 108 9
Squeezing of Porewater from Core Samples of DGR Boreholes: Feasibility Study 2013 94 71
Geochemical Synthesis for the Effingen Member in Boreholes at Oftringen, Gösgen and Küttigen 2012 100 10
Borehole DGR-3 and DGR-4 Porewater Investigations 2011 90 20
Fluid flow through the sedimentary cover in northern Switzerland recorded by calcite–celestite veins (Oftringen borehole, Olten) 2011 95 0
Self-sealing of Fractures in Argillaceous Formations in the Context of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste 2010 93 99
Veins and related past fluid flow through the Mesozoic sedimentary cover in the Swiss Molasse Basin 2010 91 1
The stable H and O isotope analysis of small highly saline water samples: A methodological study 2009 93 6
The Raul-Condestable Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposit, Central Coast of Peru: Ore and Related Hydrothermal Alteration, Sulfur Isotopes, and Thermodynamic Constraints 2009 483 1
Porewater in the rock matrix 2009 98 9
Chemical and isotopic characterisation of highly saline sedimentary pore water 2008 97 5
The Raúl-Condestable iron oxide copper-gold deposit, central coast of Peru 2006 124 2
Geology, geochronology, and Hf and Pb isotope data of the Raúl-Condestable iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, central coast of Peru 2006 369 2
Origin of fluids in iron oxide–copper–gold deposits: constraints from δ 37Cl, 87Sr/86Sri and Cl/Br 2006 289 8
Raúl-Condestable: a 115 ma old subvolcanic intrusion-centered IOCG deposit 2006 92 11
Iron oxide copper-gold deposits: geology, space-time distribution, and possible modes of origin 2005 573 2
The iron oxide-Cu-Au deposit of Raúl-Condestable, Mala, Lima, Peru 2002 100 12
Geology of the Raul-Condestable iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, central coast of Peru 2001 102 18
Seconde Occurrence de l'Orthoserpiérite dans la Mine de Tynagh (Irlande) 1987 104 23
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