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A mouse model for studying large-scale neuronal networks using EEG mapping techniques 2008 247 10
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A tutorial review of electrical neuroimaging from group-average to single-trial event-related potentials 2012 262 0
Accuracy of EEG source imaging of epileptic spikes in patients with large brain lesions 2009 243 2
Altered auditory processing in frontal and left temporal cortex in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: A group at high genetic risk for schizophrenia 2013 289 5
Altered directed functional connectivity in temporal lobe epilepsy in the absence of interictal spikes: A high density EEG study 2016 209 0
An electrophysiological study of conscious visual perception using progressively degraded stimuli 2010 272 2
Antiepileptic drugs modify power of high EEG frequencies and their neural generators 2010 199 1
Automated diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy in the absence of interictal spikes 2018 42 15
Beyond conventional event-related brain potential (ERP): exploring the time-course of visual emotion processing using topographic and principal component analyses 2008 245 18
BOLD correlates of EEG topography reveal rapid resting-state network dynamics 2010 266 0
Combination of EEG-fMRI and EEG source analysis improves interpretation of spike-associated activation networks in paediatric pharmacoresistant focal epilepsies 2009 264 1
Comparing ICA-based and single-trial topographic ERP analyses 2010 266 0
Comparison of high gamma electrocorticography and fMRI with electrocortical stimulation for localization of somatosensory and language cortex 2015 322 0
Continuous EEG source imaging enhances analysis of EEG-fMRI in focal epilepsy 2010 242 0
Decrease in propagation of interictal epileptiform activity after introduction of levetiracetam visualized with electric source imaging 2010 179 11
Détection et traitement précoce des sujets à haut risque clinique depsychose : définitions et recommandations 2017 175 8
Deviant dynamics of EEG resting state pattern in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome adolescents: A vulnerability marker of schizophrenia? 2014 294 6
Directed Functional Brain Connectivity Based on EEG Source Imaging: Methodology and Application to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy 2016 145 1
Discussing gamma 2009 159 1
Dorsal and ventral stream contributions to form-from-motion perception in a patient with form-from motion deficit: a case report 2016 163 56
Dynamic connectivity among cortical layers in local and large-scale sensory processing 2014 233 0
Dynamic directed interictal connectivity in left and right temporal lobe epilepsy 2015 329 3
Dysfunctional gaze processing in bipolar disorder 2017 119 37
Early alterations of social brain networks in young children with autism 2018 165 55
Early averted gaze processing in the right Fusiform Gyrus: An EEG source imaging study 2016 174 7
Early neuronal responses in right limbic structures mediate harmony incongruity processing in musical experts 2008 342 341
Early recurrence and ongoing parietal driving during elementary visual processing 2015 188 40
EEG microstate sequences in healthy humans at rest reveal scale-free dynamics 2010 282 1
EEG microstates as a tool for studying the temporal dynamics of whole-brain neuronal networks: A review 2018 43 51
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EEG source imaging of brain states using spatiotemporal regression 2014 328 1
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Electric source imaging of interictal activity accurately localises the seizure onset zone 2014 289 2
Electrical Neuroimaging of Music Processing Reveals Mid-Latency Changes with Level of Musical Expertise 2017 85 18
Electrical source dynamics in three functional localizer paradigms 2010 246 0
Electrical source imaging for presurgical focus localization in epilepsy patients with normal MRI 2010 274 1
Electroencephalographic Resting-State Networks: Source Localization of Microstates 2017 111 0
Electroencephalographic source imaging: a prospective study of 152 operated epileptic patients 2011 257 2
Epileptic networks are strongly connected with and without the effects of interictal discharges 2016 142 1
ERP correlates of word production before and after stroke in an aphasic patient 2011 265 210
Errors can be related to pre-stimulus differences in ERP topography and their concomitant sources 2010 195 0
Face and gaze perception in borderline personality disorder: An electrical neuroimaging study 2017 137 1
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fMRI of Simultaneous Interpretation Reveals the Neural Basis of Extreme Language Control 2015 454 488
Functional deficit and recovery of developing sensorimotor networks following neonatal hypoxic-ischemic injury in the rat 2010 266 1
Functional development of large-scale sensorimotor cortical networks in the brain 2011 295 2
Head model and electrical source imaging: A study of 38 epileptic patients 2014 255 0
Hemispheric specialization of human inferior temporal cortex during coarse-to-fine and fine-to-coarse analysis of natural visual scenes 2005 261 0
Hemispheric specialization varies with EEG brain resting states and phase of menstrual cycle 2013 314 163
Improved Characterization of Visual Evoked Potentials in Multiple Sclerosis by Topographic Analysis 2014 271 0
Increasing the diagnostic value of evoked potentials in multiple sclerosis by quantitative topographic analysis of multichannel recordings 2009 264 2
Is benign myoclonic epilepsy of infancy truly idiopathic and generalized? 2009 271 0
Left temporal alpha-band activity reflects single word intelligibility 2013 289 182
Localization of cortico-peripheral coherence with electroencephalography 2011 246 224
Localization of the epileptogenic tuber with electric source imaging in patients with tuberous sclerosis 2014 292 0
Long-range dependencies make the difference—Comment on “A stochastic model for EEG microstate sequence analysis” 2015 182 0
Long-term plasticity in mouse sensorimotor circuits after rhythmic whisker stimulation 2009 282 1
Looking for neuronal currents using MRI: an EEG-fMRI investigation of fast MR signal changes time-locked to frequent focal epileptic discharges 2010 239 0
Mapping Epileptic Activity: Sources or Networks for the Clinicians ? 2014 284 24
Methods for determining frequency- and region-dependent relationships between estimated LFPs and BOLD responses in humans 2009 258 4
Microstates in resting-state EEG: current status and future directions 2015 161 2
Neural transition from short- to long-term memory and the medial temporal lobe: a human evoked-potential study 2009 279 3
Neuronal networks in children with continuous spikes and waves during slow sleep 2010 261 0
Non-invasive epileptic focus localization using EEG-triggered functional MRI and electromagnetic tomography 1998 204 1
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Parieto-Frontal Circuits During Observation of Hidden and Visible Motor Acts in Children. A High-density EEG Source Imaging Study 2014 276 1
Presurgical brain mapping in epilepsy using simultaneous EEG and functional MRI at ultra-high field: feasibility and first results 2016 182 1
Pulse Artifact Detection in Simultaneous EEG–fMRI Recording Based on EEG Map Topography 2015 292 0
Pure representational neglect after right thalamic lesion 2001 272 1
PV plasticity sustained through D1/5 dopamine signaling required for long-term memory consolidation 2016 168 1
Rapid consolidation and the human hippocampus: intracranial recordings confirm surface EEG. 2011 232 180
Rhythm evokes action: Early processing of metric deviances in expressive music by experts and laymen revealed by ERP source imaging 2012 196 1
Right parietal brain activity precedes perceptual alternation during binocular rivalry 2011 269 284
Right parietal brain activity precedes perceptual alternation of bistable stimuli 2009 273 47
Schizophrenia patients and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome adolescents at risk express the same deviant patterns of resting state EEG microstates: A candidate endophenotype of schizophrenia 2015 218 0
Semantic relatedness and first-second language effects in the bilingual brain: a brain mapping study 2015 258 1
Simultaneous EEG–fMRI at ultra-high field: Artifact prevention and safety assessment 2015 366 0
Source localization of ictal epileptic activity based on high-density scalp EEG data 2017 140 0
Spatio-temporal dynamics of olfactory processing in the human brain: an event-related source imaging study 2010 264 1
Spatiotemporal analysis of multichannel EEG: CARTOOL. 2011 328 297
Spectrally weighted Granger-causal modeling: Motivation and applications to data from animal models and epileptic patients 2015 166 1
Spontaneous fluctuations in posterior alpha-band EEG activity reflect variability in excitability of human visual areas 2008 204 0
standardized EEG electrode array of the IFCN 2017 135 0
State-dependent visual processing 2011 280 117
Submillisecond unmasked subliminal visual stimuli evoke electrical brain responses 2015 291 3
Surgically relevant localization of the central sulcus with high-density somatosensory-evoked potentials compared with functional magnetic resonance imaging 2014 266 1
Systematic population spike delays across cortical layers within and between primary sensory areas 2017 33 10
Temporal dynamics of awareness for facial identity revealed with ERP 2009 281 2
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The combination of EEG source imaging and EEG-correlated functional MRI to map epileptic networks 2010 244 0
The impact of denoising on independent component analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging data 2013 309 0
The neural substrates and timing of top-down processes during coarse-to-fine categorization of visual scenes: a combined fMRI and ERP study 2010 263 0
The physiological plausibility of time-varying Granger-causal modeling: Normalization and weighting by spectral power 2014 262 1
The Role of Functional Neuroimaging in Pre-Surgical Epilepsy Evaluation 2014 282 167
The spatio-temporal mapping of epileptic networks: combination of EEG-fMRI and EEG source imaging 2009 244 1
The value of EEG-fMRI and EEG source analysis in the presurgical setup of children with refractory focal epilepsy 2012 275 1
Topographic ERP analyses: a step-by-step tutorial review 2008 260 16
Towards the utilization of EEG as a brain imaging tool 2012 262 0
Two electrophysiological stages of spatial orienting towards fearful faces: early temporo-parietal activation preceding gain control in extrastriate visual cortex 2005 189 0
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Visual processing deficits in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome 2018 84 15
Whole-scalp EEG mapping of somatosensory evoked potentials in macaque monkeys 2015 278 0
With or without spikes: localization of focal epileptic activity by simultaneous electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging 2011 266 0
Yield of MRI, high-density electric source imaging (HD-ESI), SPECT and PET in epilepsy surgery candidates 2016 225 1
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